Monday, August 28, 2006

It's gotta stop!

You saw that empty SPACIOUS closet in the previous post, right? Well, it's empty no more. In fact, I'm still unpacking fabric and the closet is getting precariously FULL. Uh oh.

I think I have as many buttermilks as Linda herself at emmaonesock. Those prints sucker me in every time. I also found Powerdry a'plenty. Denims and bottomweight twills? Not as many but still plenty. Silks, some. Jerseys in all shades of the rainbow? Yup. Shirt cottons? Of course.

In fact, the only thing I'm proud of is that I have far less fleece than Joann's. Yes, I have some, but there's only 2 cuts that have never been used. The other pieces are largish scraps from past projects and even then, it's not a whole lot. So, at least there's that.

Right now I'm just working at getting everything into the closet in some kind of order that makes sense to me. I know I have a rearranging session in my future, but out of bins and onto shelves is big progress so I'm going to be happy with that for a while before I even think of redoing it.

Here's what the closet looked like around noon yesterday. Trust me, the back wall is barely visible today.


  1. Too funny, Debbie. Less fleece than J's, you do live in Florida! just kidding

  2. fleece is so addictive. It's really a scary fabric.



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