Monday, October 9, 2006

Home from shopping, with everything and ... more

I must've been kidding myself when I thought I'd avoid crowds at Joann's by not shopping over the weekend. Sheesh. But then I remembered it's Halloween costume time and I was very glad I passed by the fabric because the cutting line was out the door.

Here's the patterns I came home with. J's did have them all in stock so I didn't have to deal with the Walmart service (?) desk for price matching. Apparently, it was my Khaliah Ali day ... although there are a few others in the mix. The scrubs pattern is for my sister. The men's shirts patterns are for all the guys in the family. Now that I'm typing this, I realize I should've bought two of the shirt patterns so I wouldn't have to trace. Oh well.

I also bought the thread I was after. My local Joann's sells Maxilock serger thread for $2.49 every day, although it's clearly marked $4.99 on the package. They had Maxilock Swirl which was marked $9.95 on the package and on the shelf. No, thank you. It looks cool, but not that cool. Gutermann was 40% off, which I didn't know, so it was picked over. But I did find the basics I needed in the drawers underneath the display -- 2 white, 2 off-white, 2 black. I know I need others but I forgot to make a note of which and when I do that and buy anyway, I always seem to buy the same colors so I tried to be smarter today.

I also went by the Husqvarna Viking store inside of Joann's and had to almost tie my hands together. They have SO MANY new goodies on display and I was salivating. But I left with only the one thing I was after -- a button sewing-on foot. It's really cool ... it has a slot to slide the button into which holds it in place while you machine-sew on the button. I nearly always sew buttons on by machine but I also curse when they slide around. This foot should take care of that. I'll try it out later and let you know how it works.

HV has also come out with a few new clear feet and an adjustable edge foot. I was tempted, but I stayed strong. The clear feet are duplicates of metal feet I already have and use all the time and a quick look at the adjustable edge foot looked interesting but it wasn't a must-have for today. Viking feet are on the pricey side, but maybe next time. I love machine feet BTW and have almost all that Viking makes for my machine, so it's probably only a matter of time before I weaken.

The last item I came home with was most definitely NOT on my shopping list.

A speeding ticket. Grrrr! And about 1/8 mile from my house. I swear I wasn't speeding. (Yeah, they all say that, don't they?) I was coming up on a stop sign at a 4-way intersection. The cop was coming towards me on the opposite side of the road and says he "clocked me going 60 in a 40." Sheyaw. So, that means I'll get to spend a day in court fighting this ... which I will definitely do. I haven't had a speeding ticket in over 20 years and besides, they are EXPENSIVE in Florida. This one is $210.50 if I were to just pay it and move on. Do you know how much fabric I could buy for $210.50?? And you thought tourism was our major industry. ;-)

ETA: OMG, I totally forgot about the cutting mat I was going to buy. Sheesh, what a dork. Well, looks like I have an excuse to go back to Joann's when my mom is here.


  1. Debbie, how nice to see several posts in the last couple of days!

    I love what you did with the KS skirt, and am anxious to see what kind of top you come up with. I have several of those Simplicity patterns that you bought and I am sure you will get to them before I do! (My life has SO not been about sewing lately ...sigh.)

    I'd be ticked, too, about the ticket, but I must tell you that I did have to laugh when I saw the picture of it. I know you are PO'd (and I would be too) but it was cute how you posted it. :)

  2. Let me know how the button foot works. I sew all my buttons on by machine. It's not a big to fiddle with it when I'm only doing one or two buttons. It gets a little annoying when I am doing a bunch, like on DH's shirts.

    Sorry about the speeding ticket. :( The road out of our subdivision is loooooong and straight, but the speed limit is 25...and they mean 25, not 35. To prove it, there is frequently either a squad car or an unmarked car just waiting to catch someone.


  3. O*M*G Debbie, I just purchased 4 of those patterns on Ebay recently, what a coincidence? Here is a link for Gütermann at a good price and MaxiLock on SALE!!!!
    I have dealt with them quite a bit across the ocean and they are fast shippers and reliable.


  4. Debbie just wanted to tell you that you can also get the cutting mats at Atlanta Thread too. I have purchased 3 from them over the years. The last one was a huge composite 4x8ft mat, fairly cheap and did a wonderful job. Unfortunately, when I moved I couldn't re-roll it to fit into my luggage...LOL so had to leave it at my Mom's.

    Yes, fight that speeding ticket by all means.....does that cop have recorded evidence? or was it just subjective and from his speedometer...LOL. take care.


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