Thursday, December 14, 2006

A little progress

I was hoping to have this done by now but life got in the way. I'll have it finished today though, after I finish typing this and eating my lunch. All that's left now is to sew in the sleeves, stitch up the sideseams, and the hems.

I added 1/4" to each front seam by sewing smaller seam allowances, for a total of an additional inch across the front. That was an educated guess as I haven't tried it on yet. I'm guessing worst case is needing to take it in at the waist but with the polyester buttermilk, a little loose is preferable anyway. I also cut it extra long and will cut off the excess after I try it on and decide where I want the bottom hem to be.

This probably isn't the best fabric to use with all the seaming details since the print is so busy, but it's what I picked. To highlight the seams, I reverse coverstitched with 3 embroidery threads, stitching the seam allowances to one side of the seams.

Binding the neckline with a strip of the buttermilk fabric through the binder on the coverstitch machine was (expletive deleted) challenging. After 3-4 tries I finally got it to cooperate. The neckline is looking a bit floppy in the photo above but that's more the fault of the hollow-chested dressform than anything. On me and with the sideseams sewn, it will lay flat.

I do like this pattern a lot, especially since it fits well with very minimal fussing. I'll definitely be making it again and will probably cut a vee neck in the next version, but a deep scoop is a nice change once in a while.

Starting tomorrow at 12:30 p.m., DH and DS#2 will be away for the weekend at a wrestling tournament in Sarasota. DH has volunteered to be a chaperone. I volunteered to stay home and sew. ;-) Next up is a WOF jacket with 462 pieces. Maybe by the time they return on Sunday, I'll have it traced and a muslin cut. Emphasis on "maybe."

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