Monday, January 15, 2007

Cleaning Day

I've had the house all to myself today (Sunday) while the guys are up in Jacksonville. I thought I would be starting on my jacket but, instead, I spent the day stalling on it again. ;-) I couldn't move forward until I crossed off some other things from my list. First, house cleaning … i.e., vacuuming and dusting and general straightening up.

With that done, I moved to the cards and frames I've been collecting for a wall in my sewing room. I was tired of looking at them in a pile. The close-up above is so you can see them better, but the photo below gives the little vignette some scale. The three framed cards are from friends and family, the little framed "motto/charm" is the Christmas gift from my sister I showed earlier. The heart is a pincushion from my boys a couple of birthdays ago. All are special and make me smile when I look at them. They are hanging on the wall directly opposite me when I'm at my cutting table so I'll be looking at these little mementos a lot.

After finishing that little project, I moved on to one that's been silently waiting in the wings while I was working last week. These are preemie sleepers, a hat and cloth wipes for the premature baby girl born to a lady who belongs to a sewing list I'm on. Another listmember cut out bunches and asked for volunteers to sew them up. I couldn't refuse. These are so fast and yet so gratifying to make. In the past, I've made preemie clothing for TLL host free patterns on their website. I urge you to sew up a few from those scraps you're saving for a rainy day and send them along to TLL. You'll be glad you did, and the babies will be even happier.

I don't expect the menfolk back until later tomorrow (Monday) afternoon or evening. Maybe I'll have actually made some progress on my jacket by then. I have to admit that the 80+ degree weather we've been having (unusual in January, even for us) isn't helping to motivate me. But at least there's no more football games to distract me until next Sunday.


  1. Adorable little sleepers! Very generous of you to make them. Your vignette is wonderful, good idea on the cards (I was wondering where you got that 'Life's too short not to sew!' motif). How about starting on a non-threatening part of the jacket--cutting out? Staystitching? Finding notions and packing them in a Ziploc so you're ready to go?

  2. The sleepers are so sweet. I love making things like that.

    You are inspiring me to tidy up and organize my sewing room. I have some little things for my wall, plus I need a big corkboard/design wall setup. Love the green wall color too.


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