Thursday, February 1, 2007


We have actual measurable progress.

The sleeves really still look like the pic below (although the perspective in this pic is skewed because the two sections are not as equal in length as they look here). All that's left to do is to sew the sleeve pieces together, topstitch 'em and then set the completed sleeves into the armholes. Oh, and then topstitch on the yokes. In the top photo, I was remembering my goofed-up muslin sleeves and making sure I have the placket band going in the correct direction and attached at the appropriate place. I don't want to be buttoning up my sleeves at my inner wrists. ;-) I'm pretty sure I have it right so after dinner … I. Will. Finish. The. Jacket. After I check the plackets once more, of course.


  1. Debbie, it is looking really really nice. I love both the colour and patterns. Hurry and finish it, want to see you modelling it.

  2. Debbie, Your jacket is terrific. You have taught me a great lesson on working through the problems encountered in creating. I would have put the jacket on the back burner (forever) with you tutu issues. All that ripping would have overwhelmed me. Great lesson. May I remember your perseverance next time I am in that spot. Super job.


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