Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sorry Bev, Not Diggin' the Stripes

I'm tossing in the towel on this one too. I don't like it. It feels great, the way Slinky does, but I just do NOT like the stripes.

Especially in the back. Ugh.

The chevron effect is cool … when I'm not wearing it. When it's on me, all roads point to and emphasize The Big Butt. Granted, this is a twisted and most unflattering angle, but trust me, it doesn't get much better. The vertical stripes down my arms are not a good look either, since they curve out where my flab does and draw attention to their non-slimness.

On the bright side, I like the seaming detail on the front (which is what first inspired me to copy this top) and I think it actually reduces the bustal projection visual. Do you agree? I think if the seaming was actually below my bust, objects would be larger than they appear in the mirror (or something to that effect). I will try this top one more time in a non-stripe and without the back seaming. If that doesn't work, I'll give up once and for all.

So, Bev, free to a good home (plus shipping). :grin: You'll have to hem the sleeves and bottom edge, though, since I quit on this one.


  1. I totally dig the front stripes, Debbie! I think they look *great*. The back ones? Eh, not so much. Have enough fabric (and patience) to recut those top panels to have the stripes run vertically? I think it'd be worth your time. Also, so glad to see you got that slinky from FFC. I coveted it for the longest time.

  2. Whoo Hoo! My name is in your entry title! DH just walked by, noticed the heading and said "What'd you DO that she's sorry for?" Hee.

    I do love the front and yes, I think it "reduces the bustal projection" (love that, gotta remember it). I don't see any problem in the arms, either.

    The back chevron and peplum worked better in the softer striping of the pink, I think. I marvel at how that all came together, tho! I think Leslie had a great idea about how you might fix the back to your liking. Doggone it, I want this to work for you! It's truly an awesome DebbiePattern.

    If all else fails, well, hey! You DID offer to ship it to me and I'll take it! Those are my colors and I still am diggin' those stripes! :)

  3. Debbie ~ I agree with Leslie. The front stripes are very appealing and have a slimming effect...can you do something like that in the back? Does the stripe have to chevron? It will be interesting to see this in a plain knit fabric. I wonder if it will have the same "umph!"

  4. if the stripes down the back were straight light the lower front, it would look a LOT better
    the arms.....well that would be a problem, maybe a lot more ease?


  5. First, I think you've done an awesome job drafting this top. It really is flattering. And, along with everyone else, I think the stripes in the front are great.
    I think you're there and that it's Time to make it in a print or solid.
    then, if you still have reservations about it, put it away for awhile then try it on again. It may just be that you've been too close to it for too long.

  6. I agree with the consensus view. Stripes in front = good. Stripes in back = too much going on. I think I'd be ok with either just the chevrons or just vertical stripes but not both.

    Nice effort though. I think you'll eventually nail this look!

  7. i'm not digging the stripes either. it is not horrible, but you have made other tops that are much better. all the converging angles make my eyes tired. in a solid, this could be a good top. imho, the effect of the seaming would be lost on a print.


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