Saturday, February 24, 2007


I'm taking a little break from the latest twist top. Not because I'm sick of it (OK, just a little), but mostly because I haven't decided what fabric to use for a non-stripey version. No, I still don't like the last version and never will, but thank you for all the comments and suggestions. I can be OCD on getting something "just right" but this isn't going to be one of those times. (So Bev, email me!)

Today I'm going to make another version of this Burda WOF top:

I loved this one, but the interlock I used kept growing. I gave it to my sister when she was here in January since she has broader shoulders than I do and the stretchy upper width fits her much better than me. I have another lime top to wear with this favorite skirt so the give-away didn't affect the outfit.

Spring has definitely sprung here so my attention is on lighter colors, floral prints, and short sleeves. I'd like to get this top done and then move onto a pair of khaki capris. Maybe I'll do a final print version of the twist top in between since I really want a wearable top from that pattern.


  1. my friend and I was talking about sewing for spring, which is what we are doing now,lot of wrap dresses, I love the colors you used.

  2. We all need a breath of spring coming our way! Winter has stuck around long enough and I'm ready for lighter colors and fabrics, too!

    Knowing the Midwest, we have about a month left of dreary cold days, so BLACK STRIPED twisty tops are still in order! My e-mail is on its way!


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