Saturday, April 7, 2007

We Have Floor

And we also have furniture all over the place so I can't get a nice full-room shot right now. Some furniture is still in the family room, but most is in the hallway, the dining room, and in the living room. All of it is very dusty. Ick.

It's still going to be a day or two before it all starts coming together in its final placement, especially since I've decided to move my office back to my real office furniture, which will reside in the family room too. For the last year, I've been working/computing in here (the living room) on furniture that was bought to be DH's home office set-up. I hate working at that armoire and have never quite felt at home with it. I miss my stuff. The family room is plenty big enough for both a typical sofa/TV set-up and also for my office space so I'm moving in. But I want to experiment with a few arrangement ideas before I commit to the layout. DH and the boys will be so thrilled as they'll be the brute force labor moving things around. I haven't told them yet. ;-)

Today I finished laying the floor (plank by plank by plank). My knees are very grateful to be done. I've been a sight to see — with DS's football kneepads taped around the knees of my paint-splattered stretchy pants. But hey, it works and they're free so why not? To add to the look, I went to bed last night with very damp hair. OMG. I had a 'fro this morning. LOL!

After the floor was done, DH put the baseboards into place and will lay down the quarter-round trim tomorrow. After that, it's crown molding time. DH has it painted and ready to go. The walls have been ready for a long time. ;-)

As you can see in the very top photo above, the french doors are still quite gross. They've been at the primer stage for well over a year (probably closer to two years). I'll work on those over the coming week, after the furniture is back in place. And definitely after I've reaquainted myself with my sewing machine.


  1. Hey, if you can lay floor, they can move furniture ... it's only fair, right?

  2. hey, come and do my house. i'd like a painting/remodeling partner. i'll do all the cooking/cleaning. :)

    it's looking fantastic. love the wall color.

  3. Nice to know I'm not the only one who takes two years to finish painting something.:)


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