Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Experiment Over. Back to Reality.

Why do I do it? I have a great pants pattern that I worked hard on to get to (near) perfection. Yet, I keep torturing myself by trying new patterns when it would be less time-consuming to just morph any style changes onto that TNT pattern. And let's face it — I don't even have that many style changes. I live in jeans and jeans-styled capris.

I guess you know where this is heading, and CAUTION … Objects In Mirror May Be Larger Than They Appear! ;-)

I traced both the Patrones and Ottobre patterns yesterday and I cut and sewed a muslin for the Patrones. The front view isn't too bad but those familiar back X-wrinkles greeted me in the mirror.

I actually contemplated altering the pattern for a while. And then I thumped myself upside the head, came to my senses and curled up with a few issues of some magazines that I've gotten behind on reading.

This is my TNT pattern. Simplicity 4068.

I've made it lots of times now. All of my alterations are actually on the pattern pieces (versus little notes to myself for later) so I can just mindlessly cut the good fabric and sew, no muslin needed. It doesn't have a back yoke like a true jeans pattern but by tomorrow, it will. My final pattern pieces are still in tissue form, sliced and diced, taped and re-taped. While I'm working on the yoke, I'm going to trace off a good "keeper" copy because this thing is GOLD and I don't want to keep fiddling with that icky tissue. I may even just hang this one so I never even have to press it flat before starting.

The Ottobre tracing is headed for the trashcan before I make myself insane. ;-) And I think I'll be listing my Patrones and a few other non-English pattern magazines on the PR Classifieds soon. There are so many other patterns on my list for which I can actually comprehend the little details that I really shouldn't frustrate myself with translating Spanish, German and Dutch sewing terms.

Which is a good thing, really, because now I can focus on some late-summer (Autumn to the rest of you) tops that have been calling to me. So that Ottobre magazine will still be getting a workout, just not in the pants sections. Oh, and there's a Onion pattern (5038) calling quite loudly too, although I may just morph the details of that onto a TNT tee pattern. I do eventually learn things from time to time. ;-)


  1. LOL I know what you mean about almost perfect. Every time I make my tnt pants pattern it fits a little differently depending on fabric the air, whatever. I am going to make design changes to it, but I am going to work on a real jeans pattern to get a tnt jeans draft that really fits. The time spent doing this can't be any more than actually shopping for a pair of jeans!
    Glad you're back to posting sewing stuff.

  2. I've started a Flickr group for garments made from Onion patterns and I'd love to see any that you've done or do in the future. It's quiet so far but hopefully we'll collect more members soon! The group can be found here

  3. Those wicked patterns seduce us with their fine drawings and lovely fabrications.....we must be strong....

  4. Debbie,thank goodness you came to your senses in the nick of time. I am trying new patterns all the time too, but they never work as great as my TNTs. The only exception is that last Burda capri pattern. So, for me anyway, it was worth he struggle to alter a new pattern because I now have another wonderful TNT! However, I got lucky and could have easily just wasted lots of fabric for my effort and still not had a new pair of pants.


  5. Debbie,
    I think we all like to try new patterns just to break the boredom of sewing the same pattern over and over again even though we make design changes that make each one different. I have a TNT pants pattern that I drafted in PMB and I know it will fit and yet I still buy pants patterns......after a "sort of" wadder from a new pattern for a new T..I am going back to my TNT Burda pattern. I can still make the design changes that I like so much on this new one I bought and I know it will fit. I am going to trace it off on freezer paper and take your suggestion to hang it up so that I don't have to iron it each time I use it. Happy sewing!!
    Donna W
    Edmonton, Alberta

  6. You're right, and I'm hereby taking a lesson from this. I've just now completed a muslin that actually *fits* for a pants class. My intent is to do what you've said: stick to it and make adaptations if desired. So, if you see me on PR trying out new pants patterns, just slap me silly and point me to this blog entry.

  7. Debbie, I really feel for you after spending all of that time drafting just to toss. TNT patterns are great especially when they fit like they are supposed to.
    Maybe you can salvage your muslin.
    Good luck!

  8. It's frustrating when a pattern doesn't work. But I know the feeling of wanting to try something new and not immediately take the TNT. It's why I started on a Patrones pattern first instead of my two TNT's.
    Only my luck is that fit seems to be good. Good luck with your pants.

  9. Debbie ~ remember my motto, always, always stick to the TNT patterns. Details can be added but fit....*sigh* need I say more!


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