Thursday, December 27, 2007

Still On Holiday Hiatus

My mom and her "beau" left this afternoon for her beach rental about an hour south. My sister and brother-in-law are due in a few hours (about 2 AM!) after a straight drive-through from Richmond, Virginia. I just now finished the shirt above for my BIL (KS 2935). And you thought YOU were cutting it close for Christmas presents??

What's even worse is that I still haven't started the purse for my mom. But she's going to be in Florida for 2 more weeks so I still have time. ;-) I'll work on it over the weekend and early next week and give it to her before she leaves for the frozen north again.

Our Christmas Day was low key. We didn't even open presents until just before lunchtime, when my mom & Bob arrived. What a difference having nearly-grown kids makes. Sleeping in on Christmas — how nice! We had a very casual, light lunch and then a full-blown ham Christmas dinner with the usual trimmings, but still very casual even if we ate in the formal dining room with the good china and silver.

My older son gave me a DVD board game called Scene It, which is sort of like Trivial Pursuit but for movies and with a television component. Since the guys see nearly every movie and multiple times when it's on DVD or cable, they answered most questions quite easily. I think this is why DS picked that game, knowing it is one of the few chances they do have to beat me at some sort of trivia. ;-)

Yesterday morning, we all took the dogs to the dogpark and enjoyed the sunshine and warm breeze for a few hours. The dogs ran and ran and ran (well, not Pepper) and collapsed in sleepy near-comas for the rest of the afternoon and evening (this Pepper did participate in).

We started playing Dominos around the kitchen table in the late afternoon. Mom & Bob are regular players and brought them on their trip. We took a break for dinner, and then continued playing until after 1 AM. It was fun. But I still can't believe how long we played!

Now off to dig out the wrapping paper again so I can have these gifts ready before the next houseguest shift arrives.


  1. Debbie, sounds like you are having a lovely time with family. I appreciate having grown kids and sleeping in. It's a welcome luxury. Enjoy and I look forward to seeing the purse you make your mom.

  2. What a great holiday you are having! It is strange as the kids get older - the sleeping in, the laid back day. Different but still wonderful!

    Love the Nascar shirt! Too cute.


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