Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Again With Jeans, and Maybe a Top

LOVE that Burda Plus is now archived on the website! Thanks again Mia and Rose.

The queue has changed. It always does. I'm still thinking about that jacket I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, but what I really need is a pair of plain ol' blue jeans. I have one pair of regular-length blue jeans which are starting to show some fading. It's time to replace them with jeans that aren't brown.

I thought about just sewing the same TNT pattern again (Simp 4068, which is not only OOP but now it seems to have been completely removed from the Simp website too so I'm guessing it's sold out) but where's the challenge in that? OK, so I may have to eat those words but I do like trying out "new" patterns. I put quotes around "new" because the pattern I've chosen is actually from the Winter 2004 Burda Plus issue.

In the magazine they are shown made in suede. Um, no. Although they are beautiful in the photo, suede jeans are not exactly my lifestyle. Picture me walking through the woods with the dogs and picking up poop in suede jeans. See what I mean? Maybe in my next life I'll be more glamorous. So boring ol' blue denim it is.

I'll be leaving out the mid-leg seam since I'm not trying to fit the pattern pieces onto hides and because it's not the most flattering look to be visually chopping my chunky legs in half. I will be morphing the contoured waistband from Simp 4068 onto this pattern if I decide these are a go, since it fits me much better than a straight one. (I won't be making the jacket, but it's part of the line drawing I grabbed from the Burda site and I was too lazy to edit it out.)

Also on the table to be traced is this tee from the latest issue of Burda Plus. I'm going to compare it to my TNT Ottobre tees to see if it will be more efficient to trace the Burda version or morph the Ottobre. I'm guessing the latter, but you never know. Whatever is quicker, you can be assured that's what I'll be doing. I know I'll have to do some practice runs of that shirring though which may cancel out the "quick" part of the equation.

While I waiting for the cooktop repairman to show up I did manage to do a bit more painting on the french doors this morning. Gah. All those panes are a PAIN! Then I got a call that he had called in sick and wasn't coming. They tried to reschedule me for Monday. Monday?? I think not. The cooktop lost all power this past Monday night and there's no way I can go a week without it. DH brought out his propane camping burner but I laughed and then turned him down. It hasn't gotten that bad yet. Anyway, I called Customer Service and they did whatever they do, called me back and assured me that someone will be here tomorrow. I decided to give up continuing with painting and head to the sewing room. I didn't have to twist my arm. ;-)

We'll be having steaks on the grill, baked potatoes and nuked veggies for dinner tonight. I don't think the guys will even notice the stove isn't fixed.


  1. Ooh thanks for the line drawing. I wasn't sure I was going to renew my BWOF PLus this year, I have all these patterns lying around that need to be sewn up! But of course I had to run over to GLP & sub now. Please don't burst my bubble and tell me the Spring/Summer issue is gone. Lalalala. :D

    I like the V-neck dress too. Looks like I'll be making stuff from this issue instead of

  2. My jeans are in a sorry state too. I really need to do muslins of the 2 jeans I have traced out. One is a recent BWOF straight legged jean and the other is the new HP jeans. I am looking forward to your journey as you tend to solve my fitting problems for me.

  3. My jeans are going downhill too. Seeing as that's what I live in if possible I should get onto some. I like the top - can't wait to see how it goes.

  4. This is going to be a lovely outfit. I like that pattern, too.

    Could we exchange blog links?

  5. I was eyeballing that Burda Plus top with the shirring, too. I'll be waiting to hear about your shirring experience.

  6. I think I'll be making that top too. I love shirring, I used it on some nightgowns for dd a few years ago. I'm sure you'll get to it before me, can't wait to see how it comes out.

  7. Debbie, have you looked at the plus sized jeans in 8/07 # 127? It is a nice straight leg jean with a contour waist.


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