Thursday, February 7, 2008

Tweakin' the Twists

So here's where it is this morning. Looks like it's done, eh? Uh, nope!

On me, the tweaking still to be done becomes more apparent.

First, the camisole panel. Because I knew I did not want elastic running armpit to armpit, I purposely did not insert any into the top edge yet, intending to judge how much and where after it was on me. It will be very easy to thread some narrow elastic into the coverstitched top hem and stitch it into place behind the wrap panels so that it will never be seen by the world (except you, of course, when I show it later!). Once that is done, it will snug up against my chest and sit high enough for modesty's sake.

Next, I still need to hem the sleeves and bottom.

Lastly, the ties are still making me crazy. They do NOT want to stay right-side out. Rose, you had a FABULOUS idea, and I'm going to try it out, tenkyewvellymuch. In case you missed it in yesterday's comments, Rose said that she ended up folding the ties in half and sewing them shut. I'm going to try that by basting first so I can see where to start the fold. The ties are definitely wide enough — and my high hip fluff starts rounding out early enough — for this to work out well, I think.

As you can see by the rear view, the ties want to make themselves narrower anyway as they try to squeeze into what space there is back there.

Overall, though, I like it and I think it's actually flattering, which is something I was wondering about since most of the reviews on PR are shown on thinner ladies.

See! I told you these ties are crazy! ;-)

P.S. Angie, don't wait. Put this top into your SWAP! I think you'll look great in it! But, no pressure, right? ;-)


  1. Those ties are crazy, but your top is very nice. I like it, once you fix that neckline of course. :)

  2. I do think it's very flattering. I would love to try this one myself if I can find a fabric that speaks to me.

  3. Hi Debbie! Your blog articles are always FUN to read!! "tenkyewvellymuch" I like that...
    Warm greetings from chilly Montreal,

  4. Well frak me (to coin a Battlestar Galactica phrase :P Bless my inner geek.) Now I have to add another pair of pants! Only even tops/bottoms allowed dontchaknow!! look faboolus, darling.

  5. Debbie, this is a great top, and it is in my swap. My question for you, did you do an fba on this? It is not clear.


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