Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I think the actual sewing and fitting are going OK, but those ties are going to drive me NUTS! I'm already thinking of just cutting them off and inserting the ends into the sideseams. They are heavy, long, and they do not stay all the way right-side out when tied around Zillie's or my waist. This pattern really should be made with a 2-sided knit. Since the sideseams aren't yet sewn and the cami isn't in place, I'll withhold final judgment. But I'll be basting the sideseams to give myself an easy out if I do end up cutting off the ties. And let me say right now how glad I am to have downturn fellers for my coverstitch machine. Otherwise, I'd still be sewing the narrow hems on those ties.

Unrelated … my denim order from arrived yesterday. It's not the same fabric/color as the Best Jeans Ever. In the photo below, the top denim is the 10 oz Indigo but it has a lot of white and reads much lighter than I expected. The middle is the 12 oz Navy. The bottom is what I cut off The Jeans prior to hemming.

I'm still deciding whether or not I'm going to keep these. I've never returned anything to but since I have another order of what I think is The Actual Denim arriving soon and denim takes up a lot of shelf space, I may just do that with this. On the other hand, one of these cuts would probably work pretty well for DS. They're good denims and will be tons better after prewashing, but do I really need them? (Especially when … ahem … 9 more yds are on their way.)


  1. Debbie, I was worried about those ties not working on me since I have such a short waist. Do you think they would work better if they were just shortened and tied in the back, not wrapped around to the front?


  2. I am trying to figure out the blog thing so I can sometimes comment or ask a question. Your new jeans and burda shirred top are absolutely gorgeous as are all your sewing efforts. The topstitching on your jeans fly was perfection also. You are the most awesome seamstress ever. mssewcrazy at PR

  3. Yeah I succeeded in a post. As for keeping the denim I like the navy one. Anyone who sews jeans like you do needs a huge stash of that wonderful denim. mssewcrazy

  4. Hi Debbie, the ties are wide enough that I sewed them together lengthwise, to keep them from showing the wrong side. I did this after I finished my review, and I kinda eyeballed it (I was getting dressed for work!)

  5. I'm obsessed with your jeans and think it's high time I made a pair. Let us know how the new batch of fabric works out.


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