Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Day With the Masses

This morning I got my hair cut and then returned home to drag DH to the mall to keep me company. Everyone in the entire Tampa Bay area must've been at this mall today because OMG it was crowded. Of course, I can't remember the last time I went to the mall on a Saturday on purpose so maybe this is normal.

Today's haul:
3 bras
2 pairs of shoes (still thinking about them)
2 purses
1 wrap dress
1 linen tulip skirt
1 resolution to stick to Zappos
1 wish I could sew faster

I started off trying on bras and either I'm starting with the hot flashes or the A/C was turned off in the dressing rooms. I gave up in the middle because I just couldn't deal with trying to wrangle the girls into a multitude of bras while the sweat was starting to roll down my face. Ugh. It was Buy 2 Get 1 Free day in the bra department, so I guessed my best with the same brand I'm wearing now and I'll try them on again later tonight. And, of course, my pretty new styled haircut drooped big time after that fiasco. :-(

Next, it was a look through the dresses at JCP. (I'm kicking myself because I forgot to look for that jacket I still want to make.) Everything was on SALE! and it was a disaster zone, but I managed to find 3 dresses and a similar jacket to try on to at least see how the styles looked on me. I ended up buying the wrap (top only) dress, which I'll have to hem. I liked the jacket but the color was meh so I left it. A quick look through the shoe department and the two pairs that I liked were not available in my size.

Then we left Penneys and wandered through the mall where every store is basically the same and aimed for teens and 20-somethings, so I didn't waste my time in any of them. I did go into Lane Bryant (plus size store for non-US readers) and it was horrible. Absolutely nothing for career wear, nothing in colors I like, and nothing that didn't feel like it would fall apart in a month. I was in and out in 5 minutes. LB just does not sell clothing that is flattering to plus size women. I never find anything in there that I like, so I'm not sure why I keep going in.

After that it was Macy's. More of the same and meager plus size selections. It seemed like everything was black, or red. I don't wear black. Or red. No shoes that I even wanted to try on. They were all strappy, too high a heel, or athletic wear.

More wandering. A trip to the restroom, and then onto Dillard's. Dillard's is my favorite store in the mall. The saleswomen are always nice, helpful, and not *too* in your face, IYKWIM, and the "women's" department has a good selection of clothes for my age group. (Question: Why are plus-sized females "women" and others are "ladies"??) If you knew how much I complain about stores and lack of service in general, you'd understand that when I say Dillard's is good, it must be EXTREMELY good. ;-)

I found a great Kaspar skirt that will become a staple. It's a khaki colored linen trumpet skirt, with a contoured waistband, side zip, side tabs, and pockets. And it fits perfectly. I always find something at Dillard's. I also found 2 purses and 2 pairs of shoes, both on sale. I hate changing purses so to find two that could be actual contenders was a real accomplishment. LOL! I also tried on a pretty green jacket which technically fit, but the bust darts pointed about 1.5 inches below my actual bust, and this was while wearing one of my OLD bras! I can't imagine whose boobs this jacket designed for?? The shoulders fit very well, though, which is usually a problem area for me with RTW. But I'd never be able to see past those darts so it stayed behind.

Then it was out the door and back home. I'll take pics of my loot later, after I've recovered. All in all, it wasn't too painful. But I like my own things better, and I forgot to get pantyhose.


  1. I sing that same song about Lane Bryant, so I feel your pain. I have vowed never to go back to that store again. By the time I need another pair of jeans I hope to be able to get them somewhere else, or make my own. Do you have a Kohls out there? We have them out here now and I've had fairly good luck with them. Never find anything I like at JCP - quality is very poor anymore. And Macy's is just too expensive out here. I don't know about out there. I'm glad you survived and hopefully you don't have to do that again very soon.

  2. I fell in love with Dillard's when we were in Daytona Beach in 06. It's a shame we don't have them in LA, but maybe that's because they actually require service minded sales people :-) I LOVE Florida!

  3. I think this answers my question. :) We must have been typing at the same time. Now you have to go back for pantyhose, the one thing you really needed. Ugh! This sounds like something I would do!

  4. At least you don't have to go to a mall for pantyhose, yes? Just pick up a couple of pairs at the drugstore????

  5. Hi Debbie, I am a lurker, fellow plus sizer. When I need immediate career wear my first stop is usually a Lane Bryant outlet if you can find them.

    I'm with you, I really don't care for the items in their regular stores...I'm just not a hippy bohemian chick. But I asked the ladies in the outlets why they had so much better career type stuff, and they said they had completely different buyers....and the LB outlets were trying to cater to a more conservative crowd.

    Best of luck....I love watching your projects evolve. I need to make most of the same adjustments, and watching you amazes me :)

  6. The dress is wonderful on you. That waist wrap in the darker solid gives you the a very nice hourglass shape. What about HP's Cosmopolitan dress? The wrap top, with shortened sleeve and I don't know how that slider works, but I bet you could copy it .

  7. You can find dresses...or skirts at Penneys???????? I'm not so lucky up here in NY. It's all casual pants. ICK.

  8. Gosh, Debbie. I just LOVE going to the mall with you (vicariously). You are so much fun to shop with. I mean it. We probably shop very similarily. Thanks for taking me with you this time. It was great to read.

  9. I like Dillard's too, but it depends on which one. Some are merchandised for career women and others are merchandised for the "ladies that lunch." Same with Macy's -- except the career-oriented Dillard's and the lunching ladies Macy's are in the same mall, so I have to go to 2 malls to really see all my options! I'm a 30-sumthin', but I'm definitely NOT a mall rat, so not a fun adventure. I look forward to the day that my sewing skill matches my career needs!

  10. the mall on Saturday with the DH are you crazy woman? When I get dragged out to shop on a Saturday I always take a cooler with wine in it! Good haul. And are we still talking pantyhose? I give up.

  11. Dillard's sounds like a great store. I keep seeing the fashions from Dillard's advertised in Lucky and they looks nice and hip. That's one of two stores I'd like to visit/never been in--Dillard's and Anthropology.

    And lady, (notice I did not say woman ;) ), why the heck are you shopping on a Saturday??? If they have a restaurant at your mall, you should have stopped there first for lunch with a few stiff drinks first LOL! Anything to brave the crowds with a happy mood.

  12. How did you manage to get DH to accompany you to the mall? My DH is pretty much "un-draggable." He hasn't been shopping with me since our early marriage when, you know, you'll do pretty much anything to show what a wonderful spouse you are. Of course, he'll be accompanying me while I prowl the garment district in NY this fall. Wahoo! Sounds like you made a good haul, though. Can't wait to see the results of your ongoing preparation for the work world.


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