Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Carcass

I knew yesterday that the dress was never going to work on me. Yes, there were all sorts of things I could've done to make it a more visually appealing dress, and many of you made suggestions that I had already thought about. (Lighting it on fire crossed my mind too!) But instead of fighting with it, I decided to cut my losses and move on. Literally.

Presenting the Cosmo dress skirt section, a/k/a Jalie 2794:

It's sitting artificially high on Zillie. The neckline is lower cut than it appears here. I'm still debating whether to add the center front shirring, but I thought I'd sleep on it first.

It was so nice to dust off my coverstitch machine. It was still threaded with lime green thread from hemming my slinky items last month. Poor baby, all neglected. It's also nice to finally have a new tee to wear tomorrow.

I had one section of border remaining from this fabric and I used it for the binding and a bottom band. The bottom band was needed because I turned the skirt sections on the bias and by doing so there wasn't enough length to cut whole pieces of the tee front or back. I like the band and while it provides a bit of contrast, it's not so blatant that it screams, "Look at my butt." ;-)

I'll try the Cosmo dress one more time, with another fabric and with the crossover bodice. I still like the style of the dress. The problem wasn't the pattern but that this particular print wasn't the best match for a full dress on my curvy, plus body. Live and learn. Then cut it up and make a tee shirt.


  1. Love how you saved this!!!!!

  2. Great save. Much better than the garbage pail. Its a great t shirt.

  3. Much better as a t-shirt! I especially like it with the borders.

    When you try the Cosmo dress again, perhaps the print should be a large scale floral or similar, more "loose" pattern? While the fabric is very interesting and pretty close up, it "reads" too geometric from a distance, like an argyle almost (yuck).

    It's wierd how fabrics do that, because the fabric looks awesome for the top.

  4. pure genius. i would have tried fire!

  5. Ah yes, the bonfire of the passions, my fav sewing solution! I'll bring the marshmallows...
    Seriously, good save, love the fabric pattern combos. Always hard to know when to quit, but this was right.

  6. I love this tee - this inspires me to try the Jalie pattern, because we have similar figures. I have not yet attempted the Cosmo dress.
    Dresses with V necks usually look better on me because of my large bust, so maybe the wrap bodice would be a better choice. Maybe a large print and the V neck? Congratulations on making a lemon into lemonade.

  7. Patience and willingness to "have at" this fabric again has given you a very nice top. Congrats!

  8. Nice save! I like the new top much better.

  9. I love all of the details of the t-shirt...and you know that it could be worn with a pair of pants or a skirt to whichever new job you get! So it was a fantastic save!

  10. Great save. I'm new to your blog and have a question. Where did you learn what you know about remaking the patterns, creating the muslins of your project, etc? Seems that this is your true passion so you need to find a way to make money doing this kind of thing.

  11. Nice save. Good work not getting the hem edging to scream "Look at my butt!" And I've been known to burn things that don't me, it's quite therapeutic (and cheaper than a shrink).

  12. oh my!
    I just logged in, and have only just been able to glance at this project all along, and when I read the headline I actually gasped.
    Well, I raise a toast to you for saving the project.
    Sometimes it just works out that way.


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