Sunday, April 26, 2009

Progress Report - Update

Since first typing this blog entry a couple of hours ago, I finished sewing the bra. It fits great. The fit on Zillie is not as great, but good enough for a pic. No cup alterations were necessary.

Hopefully I'll have time tomorrow to dig out the dye and be able to call this one done. I'm very impressed with this pattern and will be writing up a proper review on soon.

I still have a little more left to do to finish this bra. I've been in and out of the sewing room all day, splitting my time between sewing, cleaning, shopping, web surfing, etc. I do plan to finish it tonight.

I have a concern about the areas highlighted in green. It seems "poofier" than any of my other bras but I won't be able to know for sure until I try this on. I'll be able to sew out the excess if needed. The inside won't be as nicely finished, but it's not like I'm lifting my shirts and letting people look at the inside or outside of my bras. ;-)


  1. After this bra though, you'll know exactly what you nee to do for the perfect fit. Then, and only then, should you raise your blouse to show your bra to the world!

  2. It looks great! Is there elastic under the lace on the straps? I hadn't really noticed that the straps don't really need to stretch because of the sliders. I just hadn't paid attention to that before.

  3. Very pretty bra, Debbie!

    And I'll add that I admire your self-confidence to model your bras...good for you!

    Pam ~Off The Cuff~(so blasted from medical procedures that I don't even have the courage to model blouses....might scare someone, LOL!)

  4. That looks fantastic! There is still no way I am sewing a bra.

  5. Wow! you are doing a fantastic job on that bra... One day when I get the curious I am going to trying making one....

  6. Lookin' good sister! I cannot wait until my package arrives from Dini!!! I think I'm gonna break out my other bra patterns while I wait and while I still have my mojo stirrin'!

  7. Please, please, please share with us (me?) how you go about dyeing this. i.e., what type of dye, how you get the right shade, etc.
    Looks great BTW!

  8. I am assuming that nylon thread will dye, where polyester wont' I too want to know what dye you use and what is the fabric made of that it will accept dye.
    This bra looks really great and you didn't even have that much fitting to do. How much time, once you got the fit down, does it take to make a bra?

  9. You've been given an award from Gwen at

    Have a great day!


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