Saturday, December 19, 2009

Instead of Christmas Shopping

I hate malls even when it's not the holidays. So any excuse to stay away from stores today works for me and I've spent most of the day in the sewing room. (I should be sewing gifts, but I'm taking a cue from The Selfish Seamstress! - L.O.V.E. that blog!)

I'm trying to stay focused on the garments I lined up in my "on deck" pile here and I'm doing pretty well, having made 4 so far. Not all were complete winners but at least they're off the list.

Right now I'm working on copying the Coldwater Creek Poet Blouse, using the McCall's pattern below with 3/4 sleeves swiped from another McCall's pattern.

After 2 FBAs (Full Bust and Full Bicep), I've made the muslin out of old sheets and tweaked it, and am now going to cut the real fabric. Per the pattern, it's much too long to be the CWC blouse so I'll be chopping off length …

… and taking up excess at the back and shoulder, as shown below. For the back, it's the opposite of a round back alteration and I find I need it in most any blouse with a real collar and almost all Jalie knit top patterns, except on knit patterns I just scoop the back neckline instead. For someone who spends most of the day at the computer, I'm surprised I still have such erect posture. My mother should be proud - she "scolded" me to stand up straight my whole childhood. ;-)

Changing the front placket area to a squared-off bottom mostly worked, but I made the inset pieces too short and I think there's a bit too much gathering. That's what muslins are for, right? I've fixed the pattern pieces for that area and hopefully it will now work as I planned. It's zigzagged together in lieu of buttons on the muslin.

I debated cutting one more muslin, but I just don't have it in me. It's not a super-fitted blouse, so I should be able to fix things as I go, if still needed. I hope I don't have to eat my words because I really want to have this blouse in my wardrobe.

So that's what I've been doing today, instead of Christmas shopping. Bah Humbug. ;-)


  1. Well, that blouse is coming along, and I'm looking forward to seeing the end result.

    I am also ba-humbug-y, and do NOT envy those Yankees their snow - lol.

  2. I'm also a mall hater! Actually I hate shopping, period. When people hear where I live they almost swoon as it's near one of the hottest shopping meccas in my Big City. They're stunned when I tell them I don't even know what stores are here and I only use the grocery store.

  3. That's a beautiful blouse! I can't wait to see it. I wonder if so many of us are sewists because we despise malls? Count me in that category!!

  4. Explain me this shoulder thingie...I think I need that. I get a little fold of fabric right there in any collared, woven shirt, sometimes a bit higher than where you have it pinched out. Do I just fold the pattern right there, tapering to nothing at the armhole?

    Do you have my email?? :P I lost all mine in the computer crash of July so I know I don't have yours moi: jemimabean at gmail dot com

    Can't wait to see the finished one, and I HATE AND LOATHE SHOPPING. Ugh. Had to do it yesterday and it sucketh big time.

  5. This Yankee likes a LITTLE bit of snow. Just enough to cover the ground. And I hate malls. Seldom go--only when I absolutely have to.

    Your blouse muslin looks good. Sew on!

  6. The new blouse looks good, but I want to know who's bed had the pink sheets?

  7. Love the lines and the fabric. I hate Christmas shopping, too, and applaud your alternative. Merry Christmas, Debbie!

  8. Cool blouse! I love white blouses. However, I loathe shopping, especially in malls. My family got tired of trying to come up with something we wanted as a gift suggestion that we decided to donate our Christmas money to charity and avoid shopping altogether. Christmas is so much more fun without the shopping.

  9. Hi
    I am a new blogger. Just found this site tonight and just really like reading about the blouse and jacket! They are both really nice looking.I am working on a long day dress and a quilt right now. I live in BC Canada and have to take a ferry to go shopping so that tells you all how much I hate shopping.I have quite a stash of fabric and many patterns. we do not get snow here (by Vancouver)but much rain in the winter.


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