Friday, September 10, 2010

Whew! Part Deux

So what's better than a form letter from your new USMC Recruit son?

An actual, 4-page !!! handwritten letter from that son!

Woo Hoo!! He is doing great! His letter was HILARIOUS, so he's definitely in good spirits and actually enjoying it. Well, as much as one can "enjoy" boot camp. I knew he'd be OK but I'm his mom. It's my job to worry.

I think this great letter has cured the weepies. Well, at least for a while anyway. ;-)


Semper Fi


  1. My DH says I can say "OO-ah," only I think it should sound more like a grunt ... LOL.

  2. I know you are so excited to hear from your son. I couldn't comment the other day as I could feel the eyes getting moist reading your post and you surely didn't need any of that. We are all here for you. I know you are very proud of him. mssewcrazy

  3. Good news Debbie! Keep your spirits up and bake, sew, blog etc. ummm, I have to tell you-I sewed over some pins yesterday and told myself "It's okay, Debbie Cook does it" :-)

  4. *smile* I'm very happy for you, Debbie. :) I can imagine that it's a big relief to hear from your son.

    Rose in SV

  5. I bet you are so relieved Debbie. A mother's heart is always with her son. I know I would be a mess if it was mine. Boys are just lovely. (PS my girls are great too lol)xx

  6. I remember how great it was to get a letter from my sons when they were in boot camp (Army and AF). Today of all days, I remember a frantic evening call from one in boot camp who had just been told about the attacks and wasn't sure if I was okay (been in NYC on business and work in DC). They let him call me and it is a call I will never forget as we both broke down upon hearing each others voice. Both sons are still serving in the military and DIL is on deployment so I know your pride and your fears. All the best.

  7. Stupid question: Don't they access to email at this point?

    I haven't received a handwritten letter since...I can't remember when! (Hallmark cards don't count.)

    Glad to hear he's doing well!

  8. I will answer your question Peter. No e-mail. Not even a hint of e-mail. They will go no where near a computer for the entire time at boot camp..especially the Marines.

    They are given a short period each day to sit on their bunks and write home...and don't send them anything but letters or it gets confiscated and they get in trouble.

    Boot camp is about breaking them...truly that is what it is. It teaches them to obey command and I mean their physical strength, and learn to fight in combat.

    I have a special leather box with a photo of my son on the top (taken during graduation from boot camp) with all of his letters home in it. I cherish it!

  9. So glad to hear that he's doing OK. He must be tough if he has the strength to write a 4 page hilarious letter! DH says they try to...well, make sure you don't make it through. :-)

  10. This is great news. I know it is such a relief to have a letter to hold onto. Sounds as if his sense of humor will get him (and you)through this with flying colors.

  11. Actually, Meredith, they *want* them to make it through. The Marines have one of, if not the highest graduation rate. For a recruit not to graduate means the DI has failed, and failure is not an option. ;-) They don't make it easy, because they want well-trained soldiers who keep their cool in the chaos of the battlefield, but they do actually work with them very closely to be sure they learn everything and learn it correctly.

    My son read every book and watched every DVD about USMC boot camp he could get his hands in the last few months and he definitely knew what he was in for. These resources were very realistic. But it's a system - a successful one - and he recognized that immediately and knew he would be able to adapt quickly and not take any of the bad stuff personally. In this regard, he's already leap years ahead of some of the other younger recruits.

    Peter - No email. No TV. No computers. No phones. No magazines. No treats from home. Nothing. Not for the Marines. Other services get more "luxury" items and even have free time during boot camp. But the Marines are all about doing the most with the least. It's part of what makes them Marines.

    And Marysews - in Marine-speak, it's Ooo RAH! ;-) Look for "Mail Call" with R. Lee Ermey on the Military Channel for the best example.

  12. I'm so glad you got a nice long letter! It's so hard when they fly the coop, and even harder when you know they're not free to just drop in!

  13. Seems like your son is very resourceful, (reading up on the training system, keeping his sense of humour) as well as ambitious. And he loves his mom. He'll do great and so will you.

    Hugs from Vibeke in Oslo (fellow mother of boy-child)

  14. Debbie you son sounds like the perfect Marine recruit and I predict he will do really well. You're also right in that the Marines are like the Ivy League schools - very selective, hard to get into, but once you do they want you to stay there and excell. Sounds like he make be a fine officer some day.

  15. Your son sounds like an idea recruit and a very mature young man. I'm glad he was prepared for what was coming. There are a lot of kids that wouldn't be. Thank goodness there are people like him.

  16. Oooh-RAH Navy! ;)

    Congratulations from a Navy Mom. I don't know if the Marines are like the Navy, but the Navy recruits only have a few hours on Sunday afternoon when they can write. [Yes, some sneak a few minutes here and there on other days, but can get the division into trouble if they're caught.]

    As much as you enjoyed this first letter, you'll enjoy every following letter and phone call. :)

    Be sure to keep that Marine in mail, too! :) They love receiving mail. You might also consider asking him who in his DIV doesn't receive mail ... and ask some quilters who need a break to drop a new Marine a few lines. :)

    Best of luck, Mom, from a Proud Navy Mom

  17. Fabulous news!! That has to make you feel so much better that he is doing well and is still his old self. :)


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