Monday, October 18, 2010

A TNT Tops Weekend

Another productive weekend, and I'm done with sewing tops for my trip. Well, I may decide to sew one solid, but we'll see how that fits in when I'm done with everything else. I was tempted to stray into new pattern-land, but then I came to my senses and remembered I'm on a deadline so I just kept plugging away with the TNTs.

First up is Jalie 2806. Nothing too exciting here. The print will go with all the pants I'm bringing (jeans, brown, green, and black). I borrowed belled long sleeves from an Ottobre pattern (not my TNT below) and finished them with an elastic casing so I can push them up when I feel smothered — which is always in long-sleeved tops.

Next, I stole the flounce from this Butterick 5493 and …

… morphed it onto my all-time TNT tee, the Ottobre Woman 05/2007.

The print doesn't thrill me but it will work with all 4 pants, and it will be fine for just lazing around at my mom's or in the car.

I also added a second flounce, which is just a duplicated and shortened version of the original from the Butterick pattern. I was also going to fully bind the neckline (w/o CS machine, due to bulk) but before I turned it, I decided I liked it unturned and floppy. It goes with the flounces. I finished the edges of it and the flounces with a wide 3-thread stitch on my serger. I'll revisit those flounces with another fabric/top in the near future. This top also got the belled Ottobre sleeves with an elastic wrist casing.

Finally, a TNT from the past that I wore to death a few years ago. I decided it was time to bring it back. (Mostly because it's so fast to sew!) Kwik Sew 3378, the twist front top.

Technically, this top will only go with my jeans and my black velour pants. But really, it's just black and white (neutral) so I can wear it with the green pants too. The tie is maybe too long, but I'm toying with the idea of adding a buckle (a la the Jalie tie top), if I can find the one I know I have around here somewhere. If not, I may shorten it or I may just tie it in a bow. I also haven't finished the sleeve hems yet. I'm deciding if I want to add a vented cuff to them or just straight hem them. I don't usually wear black or black/white, so this one is a deviation for me. I love the fabric though, so I'm sure I'll wear it a lot, which is why it got 3/4 sleeves for Florida.

It's hard to see the twist in these photos, but it's there.

Next up is a fleece jacket. I'll be using a mostly black fleece, which has been sitting it the stash for a LONG time because it is black. But since I'm bringing the black pants, it's now or never for it. It will also match the green pants (and jeans, of course).

After the fleece, then the red floral denim jacket. And maybe a new nightgown if I have time.

I'm probably overpacking since I'll have access to laundry at my mom's, but the range of possible temperatures for the end of November is really cramping my "pack light" self-directive. I will need layer options in case I end up freezing my butt off and I will also take one already-made short-sleeved top (probably the HP Sunshine top) in case it's actually warm. I'll just wash and wear it and the USMC tee every day if I have to. LOL!

So, let me recap what I think I'm bringing:

4 pairs of pants
4-5 long-sleeved tops
1 short-sleeved top
1 USMC tee
1 nightgown (to be made)
1 long-ish cardigan
1 brown zip-up jacket
1 fleece jacket (in the car, not suitcase)
1 denim jacket
socks, undies
black flats
brown flats

Is that too much for a week? Remember, I will be wearing one of the combos for the drives so not quite everything is going into the suitcase. I wanted to bring my HP Riviera jacket and another top, but I've talked myself out of those because that IS too much. What am I forgetting?


  1. Those are all gorgeous!!! I love them all, but especially the black and white one!

  2. The b/w is my favorite too! I have that pattern around here somewhere(never opened).... I might need to try it out for myself!

  3. They all look cute; I'm partial to the second blouse. Don't forget the toothbrush!

  4. How long are you going to be away? Seems like a lot but if you don't have to worry about luggage weight, who cares? The tops look great and I was thinking about making that Kwik Sew twist top again too. It's got a lot of style for something so easy and quick to sew.

  5. Packing advice. Pack then remove at least half from the case. Never take anything that needs ironing. Love the first top and the style of the second. I'm not a big person though.

  6. The new tops look great. I think your list is good considering you have to allow for layers. Throw in your toiletries and any jewelry and you will be set!

  7. I really like all your tops. Great job and the tie on the black top is a great idea. I think your list sounds good, I always take way too much and end up adding more just before I leave :)

  8. I just returned from a week long trip. I just knew I was carrying way too much but turns out I wore all but a couple of items. I did not launder or dry clean while there so wouldn't have needed as much if I had. Mine was all rtw but it was fun wearing all the new clothes I bought for the trip. We stayed so busy I am not sure I would have had time to do laundry/iron anyway. Your new outfits look so nice-luscious fabrics. Enjoy your visit with your son and family. You are going to look great. mssewcrazy

  9. Well look at you sew! It must feel good to have sewn so much lately. As Peter said, don't forget the toothbrush. :)

  10. If you have access to a washer and dryer, you only need about 3 days worth of clothes, no matter what. But if you're driving there's no point in saving up either.
    I understand the lack of long sleeves if you feel choked up in them but you live in Florida. However you should consider that you'll be plunged into deep winter for you, and probably feeling colder because of the suddenness of the change. I'd suggest at least one more cardigan, you'll probably get more use out of it than from long-sleeve t-shirts, and it's more flexible because you can leave it open for the in-between times. One cardigan for this trip seems way too little to me, you'll be wearing it every day :-).

  11. It's fun having all new clothes for your trip and you sure can crank them out when you put your mind to it. Everything looks just great and if you can't stand your long sleeves you can whack them off when you get home. I thought you were going for a month and had to laugh when I got to the end of your post and saw it was only a week!
    I want to say thanks for your T-shirt tutorial, I used it last weekend when I didn't know where to start with my big, boxy team shirt. You are such a natural at sewing. Love visiting your blog

  12. Excellent weekend! Those are all really nice tops; I love the black and white one especially. Sounds like you have the right amount of stuff to me. Remember, it's the car, so you don't have to pay airlines extra to bring more essential clothes!

  13. Marie-Christine, I'm bringing one cardigan and 1 zip-up jacket, which is like a hoodie but w/o the hood. That takes the place of a 2nd cardi and is probably what I'll wear every day for a 2nd layer if I'm cold.

    For everyone that asked, I'll be gone a week, starting in SC and ending up in VA. We're not limited by airline restrictions since we're driving, but we do have a finite amount of space in the car and will need to fit my son's huge amount of military gear after we pick him up, plus dogs and crates and clothes for the rest of my family. It will be tight.

  14. What a great set of tops! I especially love the black and white, though!

  15. Look at all those wonderful, new clothes. There is nothing that makes a woman feel as good as new clothes and a new hair-do. Great sewing!

  16. Love all your new tops!! Love the necklines!! (I always forget my make up remover & my phone charger) Have a great trip....


  17. You could probably go with 4 long sleeve tops and ditch one of the jackets or cardigan if your suitcase is taking up too much room, but I think the packing list looks fine. I like to have a variety of clothes when I travel--for my two week trip I brought 5 dresses, two tops, three skirts, two sweaters, a pair of jeans, and a jacket. The only thing I didn't wear was one of the skirts, because the weather was really too cold. My last two week trip I brought 7 dresses and wore each one twice. For a week, I'd probably pack a full week of clothes.

  18. Great set of tops. I think the packing list looks fine, but then again, I'm the queen of wanting waaaay too many choices when I'm on vacation. Heh.

  19. Cute, cute tops Debbie.
    I love them all.

    Have a great time visiting your son!

  20. I like this list so far-and what great tops! I like B/W combos and that blouse is my favorite of all of them. Have you planned space for: makeup, skin care, meds, socks/stockings, books, magazines, Kindle, iPod, embroidery project, nail polish, polish remover, dog leashes, special dog food, dog blankies, dog toys, oh for spouse!

  21. It is hard to pack for a trip this time of year isn't it? You've made a very nice wardrobe. It's nice that most of the items will go with more than one thing. I will be going on a 3-day trip in a couple of weeks and I wish I was as productive as you in making new things to take.


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