Monday, November 8, 2010

Kwik Sew 3369: Progress Report

This was just thrown onto Zillie for the pic so it's looking kind of messy and frumpy at the moment. I had hoped to be finished this weekend, but other errands and chores conspired against me. I don't have too much more to do, though. The 2-piece sleeves are joined and topstitched but still laying on the cutting table. The lining and collar are done too. I just need to attach them all and do the buttons/buttonholes. The jacket sleeves are the red print. What you're seeing above is the lining.

For the pocket flaps and collar, I used this faux seude. I'm going to cover buttons in 2 sizes with the faux seude, for the flaps and front closure. I think. It might be too much going down the front of the jacket so I reserve the right to change my mind on that. Plan B will be to cover the front buttons with the print.

I ended up using two different threads for topstitching. On the jacket itself, I'm using a light green, which reads neutral on the print but is light enough that the topstitching actually shows. But that thread actually reads as green on the faux seude. So, for the flaps and collar, I used a medium gray. Both are upholstery threads.

With all this topstitching, I have to again sing the praises of having a separate mechanical machine set up as a topstitching station. This will be the first jacket I've topstitched since acquiring my vintage Vikings. What makes me extra happy is because topstitching shows on both sides at once on a jacket (where the lapel flips over), for once I don't have to worry about what the underside will look like since I can use the upholstery thread in the bobbin too. (Whew, that was a bad sentence!) I think I'm as happy with the old Vikings as I am with my coverstitch machine. And, trust me, that's saying a lot!

We leave for Parris Island in less than 2 weeks, so it's time to step it up! Our Family Day tees arrived on Saturday, which means after the jacket, I'll be re-making mine into a female shaped tee. Two weeks, people! Two weeks, until I see my son again. Wooooo!!

But before I pick up on either of those projects, I'll be replacing the brake pads on my car today with Son #2. Son #1 is usually my mechanic for maintenance jobs like this, but he's otherwise occupied at boot camp. However, all his tools are still in the garage, and I've done brakes before with him. They aren't hard, just dirty. New brake pads cost $20 and about 1-2 hours. Replacement at a chain shop is at least $100 before tax and hidden fees. You do the math. I'd rather take my savings on our trip. I just hope I'm not eating my words tomorrow and I'm glad I haven't had my manicure yet. ;-)


  1. WOW, debbie; you've got lots going on. am feeling your happiness!!
    nice job on the jacket, and the flaps,
    you're inspiring me to look into separate machines, as well.

    my vote on buttons, use suede buttons down the front to draw eyes vertical.
    don't use any contrasting buttons on the flaps, ~.~


  2. My gosh, you service cars too?!? There's nothing you can't do, is there? Go on, admit it. :-)

  3. You lie -- the brake pad savings will be spent on fabric. Admit it! :-)

    Your top stitching is beautiful; I can see why you're so excited about it. If my top stitching looked like that, I'd probably use really WILD contrasting thread all the time just to make sure EVERYBODY noticed it!

    Have a great trip with your family.

  4. I need to schedule a topstitching project for my vintage Viking too. It looks stunning.
    I am impressed that you do your own brakes. My dh is the mechanic in this family, thank goodness. He did pass his skills onto our son though who definitely appreciates saving money.

  5. Cute jacket! But I do have to say that I initially thought you WERE putting green sleeves on it, and I wasn't as thrilled with that look! LOL!
    My son moved to MN in June, and I miss him as well, so I know how you're feeling.
    And you're just a Jane-of-all-trades. Like Meredithp, I'm thinking there's nothing you can't do! Sure do wish dh knew how to do some of that kind of stuff. Although he DID replace the battery in my car last week.

  6. I saw your pic and thought, "Oooh, this is the jacket!" I think you posted your material last week. Your topstitching is the bomb. Hope you enjoy your vacation.

  7. What a fun jacket. Great topstitching! Thanks for the update and for all the pictures.


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