Monday, January 31, 2011

Ren Faire Muslin

The muslin is done and Reko will be here this afternoon to try it on.

Most of it was pretty straightforward sewing and construction. The breeches have a pattern problem, though, so I'm glad I did the muslin. There is an outer layer (the puffy view you can see) and an inner layer/lining, which is not puffy. The problem is the thigh circumference on the inner pattern is smaller than the smallest leg band pattern. This means the leg band is too long for the breeches lining. I should've measured and compared before, but I didn't. So I just made a tuck for the muslin and will measure Reko's actual leg when he's here so I can make just one adjustment instead of guessing and then re-adjusting.

The doublet sleeves are drafted to be detachable. Reko and I haven't discussed this yet, but I'm going to try to steer him to use the detachable sleeves so he has more style options. Plus, the Ren Faire runs through April and it will be HOT here by then. Detachable sleeves would be a good thing. For the muslin, I attached the sleeves. They're cool sleeves, both literally and figuratively. They are two-piece and the seam running down the front of the arm is open, and just tacked at 4 spots with a button/buttonloop so the shirt underneath will show through. Those (wealthy) Tudors (or Elizabethans? Or both? I'm not sure.) loved to slash up their clothes and show lots of layers of fine fabrics.

I also added a collar band. The pattern doesn't have one, but looking at period illustrations and other Ren Faire costumes, I think it's more appropriate to include it.

Once the fit is adjusted, if necessary, the hardest part of all of this will be all the cutting I'm going to have to do. Lots and lots of pieces and pretty much everything is lined. I will start with the breeches since the second fabric for the doublet isn't here yet. I'm hoping to cut a few pieces per weekday evening so I can have weekends for the fun part of sewing.


  1. Looks great and I should know: I actually WORKED at the NY Ren Fest nearly 20 years ago.

    Sadly I was "Rancid Harry" the village leper rather than a nobleman.

    The OTG truth.

  2. Lots of pieces and pretty much everything is lined--waaah. Reminds one of the expression 'you have your work cut out for you.' But he is going to look quite the noble Spaniard in those layers and layers.

  3. Reko should be thankful that he is not paying for this costume. What a woman you are! At a minimum, he owes you a dinner that is fit for a noble woman. Hope the fitting went well.

  4. Looks like King Henry VIII's costumes in The Tudors. That's a lot of work you have laid out for you.

  5. I love this pattern. I have made 3 of these doublets. They turn out quite nicely. I did add buttons with elastic hair ties for loops and a stand up collar pretty easily too. The address below is my post with pics of 2 of the ones I made.

    I cannot wait to see the finished project!

  6. looking good! i hope he goes for the detachable sleeves.

    peter, why do i have no problem believing that you were rancid harry? :)


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