Thursday, March 10, 2011

Photos of the Marine

Work has kept me busy again for the last two days so there's been no more progress on Michael's shirt. Hopefully, I can get back to it tonight.

In the meantime, here's a random sampling of what the Marine has been up to lately.

At the beach at the Pensacola NAS:

At the Pensacola NAS Museum:

Not as good as mom's homemade, but still pretty good. And the girls were too cute to pass up.

Tee shirt souvenir after completing the first round of school:

His new room at Cherry Point (NC) MCAS, where he now is for his second round of school. Not as nice as his Pensacola digs, but not awful. One less roommate, and they don't have to share the head (bathroom) with anyone else. He's got the bed by the window.

Outside view:

Good thing they run 5 miles a day and do a LOT of walking to anywhere else on base. ;-)

Tyler's 22nd birthday is March 16. I've got his package ready to send, but last night he asked that I add in some homemade cookies, so guess what I'll be doing this afternoon around work? This will be his first birthday without any family nearby. I'm sure we'll all be fine (sniff, sniff), but let this be a reminder to hug 'em while you've got 'em. They grow up and move on much too soon! And thank God for camera phones, text messages, and the internet.

(I've become acronym-centric lately with all the military stuff, but in case you didn't know NAS = Naval Air Station and MCAS = Marine Corps Air Station. The air stations are where they keep and work on the flying thingies.)


  1. What wonderful photos of Tyler and his new life. You're right aabout hugging him while you can. Thanks for sharing a little slice of your life outside of sewing!

  2. Jeffrey's 19th birthday was February 4th, his freshman year at college. I made and sent a cake, and cried a little while no one was looking. It was the first college birthday which didn't occur during a school break. Hug your younger son an extra time for a mom who's cried on a lot of missed birthdays in the last 4 years.

  3. Love the shots of your son. Happy to see how well he is doing. He is a good sport for letting you post photos. My son can be a bit of a curmudgeon about it...even though most of his military life is all over the web (through me).

    I still call my son to see if I can trip him up with an acronym when I read one in a book. It never works...he knows them all. :)

  4. Great pictures of your son... hoping he has a great Birthday even if he won't be home.
    (For my 18th Birthday I was barely a month at my new Base and the CO's secretary made me a was my first Birthday away from home and it meant so much :)

  5. Your post is tugging at my mommy heartstrings!!

    Recently on a flight home from Cleveland, there were a bunch of kids in uniform flying back to base after a week's leave - they called it 'boot leave'. They all looked to be about your son's age. There were a bunch of empty seats in first class, so one of the female flight attendants went back and gathered them all up, seated them in first class, and gave them a constant stream of snacks and drinks for the duration of the flight. It was really sweet, and they were all so excited. My daughter, watching all this, said about the flight attendant, "She is definitely a Mom!"

  6. Ah, yes, I note the use of the technical term "thingies." What it really means is there are some "thingies" that are classified, so if you told us what they were then you'd have to kill us. I know.

  7. Great photos of your son. Great job on baking the cookies and I agree they do grow up too quickly.


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