Tuesday, May 10, 2011


The Vogue dress is done except for some topstitching and the hem. And I hate it. H.A.T.E. It feels uncomfortable and I'm doubting right now that I'll ever wear it, so I'm setting it aside. I'm thinking I'll cut the lower half off and make a separate skirt, because I like the fabric and that part fits fine.

Meanwhile, Sherril quickly enabled me with her fast and fabulous make of See & Sew 5593.

I just got back from Joann's with the pattern and I'm going to make it up for my "little" (14+ hours) road trip this weekend up to Virginia for my sister's graduation from nursing school. (Alex and I are 2-car'ing it up to North Carolina to drop off Tyler's Jeep to him and then grabbing him to go to the party too. Yay for gas prices going down instead of up at the moment. And two visits with the Marine in one month? I'll be in heaven!)

I also managed to do the unthinkable while at Joann's — find knit print fabric that I like. And not one, but TWO pieces. I'm not sure yet which I'll be using for the dress, or maybe even something from the stash, but I'm currently leaning toward the one on the left below which is more orange than shows in this crappy cell phone pic:

Parting Shot: Speaking of the Marine, here's today's cell pic installment, looking very "BA" and Marine-like, don't you think? I wouldn't want to mess with him. ;-)


  1. Sorry the Vogue dress isn't turning out to be your dream dress - but stepping aside from it for a while will probably bring the solution to you. I really like the look of the See and Sew dress pattern - I'm asking myself why I haven't got that one. I think I might have to remedy that because the style looks great and I do love a fast dress. Your Marine definitely looks the business. We are lucky to have young men like him keeping us safe.

  2. Sorry the Vogue dress didn't work. I have that See & Sew pattern and some fabric for it, plan on sewing it this month. Will be interested in seeing what adjustments you make to it. Have fun on your trip!!!

  3. I'm also sorry about the Vogue dress, but I'm glad you tried it...if you can't make it work, it makes me think twice about sewing it myself. Thanks for being the pattern tester! Have a gret trip...you deserve it!

  4. I almost bought that knit on the left, but in the end, I let my boys pick from a couple, and they went with a similar one in blue tones. :-)

  5. Sorry the Vogue didn't end up working, but that happens. The good thing is realizing it and moving along without banging your head forever trying to wear it anyway. I like the S&S, like the right hand version. Might try that myself. Thank your Marine from all of us. Tell him to thank his buddies, too. K

  6. Sorry this one didn't work out for you. Maybe after it has sat in a corner some where for a while it might warrant a revisit.

    Have a safe and wonderful trip!

  7. Save the skirt portion & move on, that's what I would do! (But I truly hate when that happens)

  8. I made the See and Sew dress - easy, fast and looks fabulous on! I used a border knit I'd gotten from Fabric Mart and it's one of my favorite dresses.

    Tell your hubbie thank you from me, and I appreciate his sacrifice on our behalf, and yours as well - going on with life, while your husband is far away.



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