Wednesday, October 26, 2011

About To Get Busy

So, Saturday was a waste shopping-wise, as I whined about already. Apparently, I just picked the wrong stores. I was out Monday night and stopped into Beall's, where I found a zillion things I liked. I tried on a bunch but narrowed down my purchases to one print and beaded shell in brown/purple tones, one pumpkin-ish cardigan, and one pair of jeans. The jeans will probably go back because I think they're just a little too low-rise for me to like. But I wanted to look at the finishing touches for more than 15 minutes, for when I do eventually sew my own jeans again. Plus, they are a regular size 16 so I wanted to bask in that for a few days too. Heh heh. I've already worn the shell (no pics, sorry) and have plans to sew a Jalie top to wear with the cardi — I forget the pattern number, but it's the tie-front top. 

Last night was a total wash. I laid down to watch TV at 8 PM and woke up at 2 AM, still wearing my (old) jeans. Oops. I changed into a nightgown, brushed my teeth, and then went back to sleep until 6 AM this morning. I'm very well-rested. ;-) But not much in the mood to sew tonight so there won't be anything to show tomorrow either. This is just a boring, photo-less post tonight and it may be tomorrow too.

This weekend is when I have to kick it into high gear. This morning, I had a cammie purse and wallet order come through my email. And yesterday a box arrived from my sister (with a check — yay sis!) with a bunch of shirts for more embroidery for the towing business design. I can do that and watch TV at the same time, so maybe I'll set up for embroidery tomorrow night. I hope I'm motivated because it would be nice to knock all of those out before the weekend.

I will need to find something for a coat, though. I've decided I'm going to Virginia for Thanksgiving, leaving the Wednesday before, with stop in NC to pick up Tyler. Nothing fancy, since it will be jeans all weekend long. But something that fits, and flatters. I haven't bought a real coat in over 20 years. My old coat is so old it's in, so that will be my Plan B. But we do have a Burlington Coat Factory in town and that's my Plan A. Hopefully, I can squeeze in a trip there in the next week. Geez, I 'm so busy lately. This working stuff really cuts into my free time. :-)


  1. When I read that post, I kept thinking, "Why didn't she go to Beall's?" ha ha I'm glad you found some good stuff.

  2. I'm sort of/not really/kinda laid off at the moment and I am loving all the creative time.
    Work gets in the way.

  3. I find retail shopping trips are either hot or cold, with no in between. Congrats on the new size, I know that feels so good. And I agree, hate it when work interferes with fun stuff. ;)

  4. Deb, I've dropped about half of my last two paychecks at Bealls! Their petite department is just awesome this fall. I've gotten twinsets, dress slacks, Evan Picone suits, skirts, dresses and some awesome casual tops for going out with my girlfriends. I also love their jewelry, but find that it doesn't hold up well. I end up fixing half way through the first wearing....

  5. I know what you mean about the low-rise jeans. I think they look terrible on anyone over 15 and they sure make me FEEL terrible when I sit down and all the extra, um, SKIN, gets smooshed out at the top of the jeans. I have a couple pairs I bought because I really liked the denim wash/distressing and details like embroidery on pockets or rhinestone accents (for days when I want to be a cowboy princess). I wish I could figure out a way to take off the waistband of the low-rise jeans and redo the tops with a waist closer to my real waist. After all, I usually wear untucked knit tops with jeans that hit around the mid to low hip area. No one needs to see the top of my jeans, but they would stay up better and feel a lot better if they came up higher.

    SO... I'm hoping you keep the low rise jeans and post one of your fabulous tutorials about how to make them into regular rise jeans! :-)

  6. I agree with Rebecca about the low rise jeans. However, I am finding most RTW pants these days are cut way too low for me. I can tell before I try them on by checking out the length of the zipper. If the zipper is short, the pants are too low cut for me.

  7. Belk (do you have this chain where you live?) and Dillards have lately had a few pairs of women's trousers in a cut that comes all the way up to one's natural waist. Sometimes JC Penney carries them. You have to pounce on them early, tho; and precious few are in a natural fiber. It's still worth it to sew up your own, just for safety's sake. Wrangler Womenswear still makes basic jeans in an all-the-way-to-your-waist cut. They are starkly plain, tho.

  8. Yeah - I forget about Beall's when I'm home in MN. Just arrived in Bradenton for a week with my sis and drove past there today - got to drop in & check things out - need a few wardrobe fillers, & sis has been sick - need something to cheer her up while she recovers!

  9. Mrs. Cook,

    Did you get the email that I sent you a couple weeks ago concerning the carry-on cammie bag. We had talked about it when you did my wife's cammie purse. I sent it a couple weeks ago. I'm in no hurry, just kinda want to get your take on price and how much clothing you need to do it.

    If your coming this way, you may want a pretty warm coat. Its starting to snow here now. :-)



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