Sunday, October 23, 2011

Moving Along

The McCall's skirt is still in limbo. I don't love it today. I might love it next week. I'll revisit it then. I spent far too much time this morning fiddling with it, thinking I could just quickly fix it and move on. I ripped out the waist facing and lining and sewed on a petersham waist facing. The petersham works fine. I still need to handstitch it down next to the zipper and tack it in a few strategic spots. But, I'm just not highly motivated since the skirt doesn't fit as well as I want. It's not exactly too tight. It's more like its curves are not in the same place as mine.

Until I figure out what to do about THAT skirt, I've decided I can wear the HP blouse with this cocoa brown skirt. One of bonuses of dressing in pretty much the same colors all the time is that everything usually mixes/matches to some degree.

After deciding to just stop messing with that skirt, I cut out another of my TNT Burda skirts. This pattern fits me so well that I think I will morph the McCall's back style/pieces onto it and try that. At some point. But in the meantime, I have a new purple twill skirt. You can't see it, but I topstitched the front seams in a brownish/taupe color. I also topstitched the back darts, which you can see below, and I handsewed in a hook and eye at the top of the zipper. OMG, I think I saw pigs flying by the sewing room window. ;-)

The twinset is from Target a few weeks ago. I will be quite colorful when I wear this outfit with my new red shoes, probably tomorrow.

I lined it, and did not change my serger thread from the skirt which shall not be mentioned again for at least a week. I don't have purple anyway, so it was just a matter of how much whatever thread I used wouldn't match. I went for the whole enchilada, which turned out to be handy for the next project below.

After finishing the Burda skirt, I started on this Simplicity 1945 cascade cardigan. It's not finished yet, but almost, and there are serger tails hanging off everywhere.

It has batwing sleeves, which I think look better on me than on Zillie because, well, I actually have arms. It was hang-around-in-your-too-big-clothes-day for me today so I'm not up for modeling. It's a very soft sweater knit and I really like it, but it will have to be worn over something silky since it's very clingy.

I like this cardigan better than the eShrug, but I still have ideas for another that I will morph from my (previously) TNT Ottobre tee. I think it will look better on me with real sleeves. That will be one of my next projects, since I need tops and layers more than skirts now (but I still have some skirts in the queue too!).

So, while yesterday was mostly unproductive, today I managed to get a skirt and 9/10 of a cardigan done and I feel good. I have two new outfits to wear!


  1. I love your new skirt with the Target twin set and your fabulous new red shoes! It will all look great with your hair color!

  2. I have Simplicity 1945 and Simp2336 also. I missed getting McCalls6444 and M6408 at Joann's sale (too impatient excess baggage along, always go to fabric store alone. Also, do not go on weekend before Halloween!). I really love your version of the eshrug, although it's hard to see the draping effect on the black. Besides the set-in sleeves, how much do these patterns differ in the amount of draping/cut?
    I'm sorry about your skirt, but this too you will overcome. Look at how large and 'professional' your work wardrobe has grown in such a short time and feel Good.

    Joy in Palmland

  3. Debbie, I just made McCalls 6444, view A, and based on your comments regarding the Simplicity "batwing" version, I think you will like the McCalls, as it doesn't have so much fabric in the front, it is not too long and the fit is more like a cardigan. The only wonky thing was the sleeve, it seemed square at the armseye, but I fixed that. Just a thought! Am enjoying your quest for professional clothes!
    Tammy in WI

  4. Great skirt! I love the way each piece you are making adds to such a well coordinated wardrobe. You look terrific!



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