Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturday Ramblings

1. The day did not start well. I had a 9:30 AM nail appointment and woke up at 9:15.
2. Because the power was off.
3. I need a wind-up alarm clock.
4. And to go to sleep earlier.
5. I called and we rescheduled to 10:30.
6. I went without a shower.
7. I wore a skirt and hadn't shaved my legs.
8. But I did brush my teeth — with bottled water.
9. I want to sew something.
10. But I'm pretty much out of work fabric.
11. And my order isn't due until Monday.
12. So I ordered more fabric from Fabricmart.
13. Not that it will be here any sooner.
14. But you stashers understand.
15. So it's clear the MJ shoes are out.
16. Which I pretty much knew anyway.
17. But when did I ask for advice on the length of my skirt?
18. And I was wearing a dress anyway.
19. And holding up the hem so I could get more leg in the photo.
20. So there. Pfffft. ;-) **
21. The power was back on after going to my nail appointment and running a couple of errands.
22. And no, I still haven't bought invisible zippers.
23. Darn. I wish I had remembered when I was out.
24. I'm dilly-dallying about what to start on next in my sewing room.
25. Skirts are still calling.
26. I have a couple of fabrics that could work.
27. But they might end up orphans.
28. Of course, I could always shop retail for a top.
29. Hmm.
30. I have to be out early tomorrow anyway to get my tires rotated.
31. The excitement around here never ends. ;-)
32. I think I'll go try fitting the I-Hate-Connie skirt.
33. Are you in with me Carolyn?
34. Have a great Saturday everyone!

**See comments below. I was NOT offended, just amused. 


  1. I'm sorry that you seem a little offended about the comments about wearing your skirts too short. I wanted to add that comment myself, but I'm glad that I thought twice about it. I just think that you are so open with your readers, that we feel comfortable being honest with you. You're sort of like me when I ask my husband how something looks on me...let's just say that I've learned to ask for his opinion less and less. I think that we're both happy with this solution. You're looking great Debbie and you are an inspiration for me to get moving on my weight and my sewing!

  2. I'm not offended Audrey. I just thought it was kind of amusing that I ask for shoe opinions and get hem opinions - but on something that wasn't being shown at its actual length. ;-)

  3. We live in a very rural araa and our electric goes off way too often. I set two alarms on my alarm clock and one on my cell phone that I keep fully charged.

    I didn't offer an opinion. :) I learned a long time ago that usually people want validation and if you can't offer what they want to hear then it's either ignored or offense is taken. I've become accomplished at keeping my opinions to myself. I AM, however, happy that you arrived at a decision that makes YOU happy. :)

  4. I liked the skirt length shorter, makes you look younger.

  5. Debbie, You crack me up. The I-Hate-Connie skirt"! I am thinking that you have a book or two in you and you need to start compiling. I won't muddle in your hem lengths - just your literary endeavors.

  6. I'm in with you...but can I do it next weekend when I have three days off? I know you might need to do it this weekend 'cause you need additional work clothes and I fully understand...been there, done that.

    What were you going to use to make the Rachel skirt from? And seriously, you have NO MORE work fabric? Girl go through that stash again! *LOL*

  7. Brushing your teeth with bottled water! That takes me back to my adolescence in rural Ohio where water was supplied by electric pump. After moving to the city it took a while remember I didn't need to fill the bathtub whenever a storm was brewing!
    Great post! I would never tell you what to do I'm so in awe of your continuing transformation!

  8. Connie (Grandma C)11:00 PM, October 09, 2011

    Uuumm? I'm not too thrilled with the name of your next skirt creation #32 It kind of grates on my fragile self-esteem ya-know? I'm just sayin'......... LOL

    The "other" Connie


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