Monday, October 17, 2011


I'm feeling tired tonight. And geez, it's only Monday. Random thoughts follow.

You know how when you wake up to go pee and feel smug because you still have another hour or two before your alarm goes off? Or is that just me? Anyway, I woke up this morning ONE MINUTE before my alarm was to go off. Grrr. I hate that. Especially on a Monday. After a Sunday that I stayed up too late watching mindless TV.

Work was non-stop. It's good. But I'm feeling a little brain fart-y so I'm going to stay away from sharp objects tonight and just tune in some football and maybe clean off the top of my dresser while that's on. It's covered in belts, necklaces, and earrings. And dust. I hate clutter. (Although if you saw my sewing room the last month or so you would never believe that!) I want to empty out a top drawer and put the stuff in there. Handy, but out of sight. But that will be giving a mouse a cookie, because once I start clearing out drawers, I'm going to find lost "treasures," which will make another pile somewhere.

I think I'm going to take everyone up on their suggestion to just donate my old clothes and not worry about tags. The worst case is they'll end up in a landfill, which is my only other plan for them. How many years will it take all my poly knit tops to break down? More than I want to know. Does anyone want an unworn biker-ish fleece jacket? Sigh. I never got to wear it, after buying the pattern twice and then spending all that time on it. There's no way to adjust it down easily and it's just huge on me. Someone will like it, and not care that the front pocket flaps are fake and the pockets are really in the sideseams.

Oh, another problem for tonight? We have no water. The well pump exploded again and my STBex isn't due home for another hour. I swear, if it gets to midnight and it's still not fixed, I'm going to a hotel.

Tomorrow is the big boss' birthday. I hope no one gives me the stink eye when I refuse any of the cake.

And, finally, my mother said she was going to call tonight. Another reason not to sew because as soon as I start, the phone will ring.

I'm glad my work wardrobe is sizing up nicely and I have options and don't feel desperate to sew that skirt tonight. And there's the phone now …


  1. I had to google STBex. My mind was running wildly about possible meansing for STB, but I see it means "soon-to-be" ex. :) I hope you have some water soon!!! And I agree, it's a good night not to be sewing!

  2. I have the same "problem" in the morning. Sometimes I open the "old cell phone that is my alarm clock" to see what time it is, and it's one minute or 15 minutes before "wakey-wakey time." The cell phone sings to me (deedle-ee-deedle-deedle) instead of buzzing (BZZT-BZZT-BZZT-BZZT).

    I, too, am glad to be busy at work.

    I hope your pump is fixed by now.

  3. I hope you have water soon. We were able to get "city" water here about 2 years ago. We love it!
    A women's shelter would be thrilled to get your clothes. When I was an insurance agent a women's shelter was one of my clients. I was there one day when they were checking in a lady and her children. They had the clothes on their backs and that was it. The shelter had a room devoted to clothing and shoes for women and children. And they needed more. I am sure a shelter would be thrilled with your donation.

  4. Our local YWCA not YMCA also has a "career" wardrobe. They take the nicer stuff so that people out looking for work can have nice interview/work clothes to help pull themselves up. It might be worth finding out if you have a similar program in your area, as your stuff is so nice! I give them all of my nice tops and skirts.

  5. Hi Debbie... The STBex is funny, if shams hadn't looked it up I wouldn't have known what it meant either, LOL! If you are serous about giving away your jacket, I think it might fit me and I would be willing to take it. I wear an XL in RTW clothing and 22 shirts in patterns. Not quite sure if you were ever that big before you started losing weight, but worth a shot. Let me know. Thanks!

  6. Even if you donate and it eventually ends up in the landfill, in the meantime it has given people jobs and opportunities. the Women's shelter etc sounds even better. I sew and donate to foster kids. Lots of opportunities out there.

  7. Yes, Yes, Me, Me...I have been drooling over that pattern and jacket since you first started making it. I'm proud that you are losing weight, and would be proud to also have one of your creations, I use 18-20 pattern and adjust for 'big' girls. Thanks for your consideration.
    You know STBex won't do w/o water, so don't waste money on hotel, spend it on yourself some other way.

    Joy in Palmland

  8. Oh man, no water! I'd be outta there -- except, because we're cheap, we'd just stay with my MIL. Nowadays with 4 people taking a shower in the morning, sometimes the hot water heater isn't quite able to keep up and that makes me cranky.

    I don't know how you can come home from work and sew at all. By evening, I'm knackered! Plus, the cat tends to want to sleep on me which makes accomplishing anything very difficult.

  9. By all means, I would never say this normally, but STEP AWAY FROM THE MACHINE. You would only produce a wadder and be more frustrated. How fun to leave the STBex without water and head for the nearest Marriott! I'd do it.

    Re: the clothes. Your local Sheriff's Dept should know about women's shelters, they are often kept secret and you can't even drop off stuff, but the staff will pick up. Indeed, women and children arrive with what they are wearing and nothing else, they need clothes for everything from job interviews to sleeping (in a shelter, imagine.) BTW, kids leave their toys and stuff behind, blankies and things are much appreciated usually, too. Our Sheriff's Dept takes lap sized quilts, they use them to wrap the kids in stressful situations, and then the kids can keep them. Just a little tidbit.. K

  10. Just been looking over your older "pants fit" issues.RTW pants always have MUCH longer centre back seem than on any commercially available patterns! Any thoughts on that & how to modify pattern to reflect it? Never have a problem with camel toe in RTW - different matter with pants made from paper patterns (no matter what the brand..vogue, mccalls etc). Lee

  11. If you remember what size something is, you can just pin in a handwritten tag with the size, that'll help a lot at the thrift shop. If you add a hint of cup size, that'd be really helpful to some poor woman who can't fit into rtw as well :-).

    But I'd caution you to pick a thrift shop with a decent array of large-size clothes. Otherwise they might land in a landfill without ever reaching the target audience. You can also simply try a 1-h open door event announced on - someone will be there in a blink, and you'll get to meet a lot of neighbors, earn their undying gratitude and admiration..

  12. I think you are in my area - Tampa Bay. Try to donate to "The Spring" which is for abused women.


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