Monday, December 5, 2011

FNSI, and a Plug

Thanks for all of the nice comments on my latest wardrobe acquisitions. I wore the gray skirt, tee, and ivory cardigan today and loved the outfit!

There will be two FNSI's this month, with the first this Friday. Click on the link to hurry on over to Heidi's blog and sign up for this Friday, and you might also win a copy of my OOO RAH Wallet pattern and fabric to make it.

Handmade by Heidi

I'm plugging away on two wallets myself. I need to finish one of them tomorrow night and get it the heck in the mail. The other needs to be done too but it's not as urgent yet. I also received THREE purse orders today. Yikes. I immediately emailed these peeps to let them know that Christmas delivery was not an option. ;-) Looks like it's a good thing I bought some clothes cuz my personal sewing time just got chopped. It's OK. Extra money at Christmas is a Good Thing. I think I have an xbox or 2 to buy.

Tomorrow is a casual Christmas pot-luck lunch at the office for my department. We're also doing a silly Yankee Swap, with the main rule being that the gift you bring has to be something found around your house that you don't want. (Can I wrap up STBex?) So now I have to go hunt down something. I have an idea and it's not even a bad thing. Then I have to get up early to put together the salad I'm bringing. Or at least the parts of it. You can't really make a green salad too far in advance, so I'll bag up the toss-in's separately and then mix it all together just before lunchtime. I'm not the only one who mainly eats salads at lunch, but since I do, I wanted to be sure I had something I could actually eat. Tricky, eh? ;-)


  1. Put a sign on him that says " Free to good home"!

  2. Debbie, how generous of you to sponsor the FNSI! I'll be participating for the first time. I'm curious to see who will win your prize (but not signing up myself--being in Belgium...)
    A Yankee Swap is something you don't want around? LOL the regional humour cracks me up.

  3. I've never heard the term Yankee Swap, but that's what we're doing for our team Christmas party. We did it a couple of years ago and it was a lot of fun. Some of the gifts were great, but just not right for the person who brought them. Like new sheets that wouldn't fit their bed, or someone in an apartment brought a bell that screws into the exterior wall. She didn't have an exterior wall to hang it on. This also keeps it from a useless $20 limit that inevitably someone surpasses so one gift looks better than the rest. I have a few picture frames that are going to go I think.

  4. I envy your ability to find so many great *cheap* clothes. I walk into a Walmart and I am overwhelmed - the store by use is so huge I can't even see across it! We used to have the Yankee Swap but it got a little out of control - a few offensive gifts. Hey! Not everybody can take a joke :-)

  5. "(Can I wrap up STBex?)"
    Again . . . . . . .
    I love you Blog! LOL!


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