Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I Need a Wedding Dress

No, not THAT kind of wedding dress! A dress to wear to SOMEONE ELSE'S wedding. And it has to be a dressy dress.

My cousin is getting married for the first time (he's a lot younger than me) in West Palm Beach on April 7. So that means I have approximately one month to either make or buy a dress. And buy shoes to wear with it. And find a tan. ;-)

I want a sleeveless dress. It will be hot in April in South Florida. It was 80 HERE today.

I have to be able to wear a bra with it, with NO fiddling.

I'm not sure if I want a fitted or flowy skirt.

I need pattern suggestions NOW! I probably have only 2 or 3 dresses in the stash that are wedding appropriate. And the BMV sale ends tomorrow.



  1. I'm going to be watching your responses. I have a wedding in September!

  2. Ok Debbie - here's my 2 cents (maybe 5 cents!!0

    My MOB dress - beautiful!
    Safe - make sheer sleeves so not so hot
    Sheer sleeves or take them off
    Dressy fabric
    I made this in black with white polka dots - ADORA-belle and super comfortable to wear

    Have fun, and take a little risk!

    Maris Olsen

  3. If it were me, I'd go for V1250. Or V1182.

  4. I go with V1250 .. it looked so good on you in that print .. and that was pounds ago.

    How 'bout a dreamy solid orange or tangerine sherbet elegant poly or other dressy drapey fabric, and wear with a dressy wide-ish gold metallic belt.

    For extra glam, I just thought about having a same color or very coordinating and elegant panel sewn into the right shoulder seam and flowing over your back to mid-back in a sheer chiffon-ish fabric.

    I can see you in it now .. ;)

    ~ Joy ~

  5. I just got Vogue 8644 and it looks to me like a perfect dress for that type of do in Florida.
    It is sleeveless, with Pocket! and also has a jacket in case it gets chilly inside or you're in a church where you need sleeves for a while.
    It would look lovely on you in a sage green linen...
    Just my opinion!

  6. I choose New Look 6093 - it has unusual seaming, has a flippy skirt and a bunch of different versions in terms of sleeves and sleeveless and I think in a dressy fabric, you'd look fantastic in it.

  7. Well, I have no suggestions, but I love how Vogue 1250 looks good on everyone.
    If it's hot/humid you might want a flowy skirt for the illusion of cool.

    There's my 2 cents! You'll look fab I'm sure

  8. V1182 would show off your new figure beautifully. She didn't say if it had to be long or short.

  9. I meant 'you' didn't say if it had to be long or could be short.

  10. I would go with V1182, V1250 is great but is more casual to me.

  11. I made Vogue 1182 last summer for my nephew's wedding: http://www.sewmuchknitting.blogspot.com/2011/05/vogue-1182.html

    It fit great, was comfortable to wear and I received many compliments. I did make a muslin first tho :-)

  12. Speaking of nephew's weddings: I made Vogue 1027 in about 4 hours (including "muslin" top) a few hours before hopping in the car for a two day ride. DH marked the hem, which I "hemmed" with rotary cutter. Haven't had a chance to write up a review. Wonderful royal blue jersey from Gorgeous Fabrics. Such a comfortable dress!


  13. My suggestion is to go with something fitted, like Butterick 5752 in a dressy fabric--I love that style!

  14. Okay I'm gonna be the odd one out here and suggest that you go to the store and try on a few things. You're body is changing and what you think you used to like may not work for you anymore. After a trip through the ready to wear racks, then decide if you want to sew something.

  15. An unusual date for a wedding - night of the 2nd Seder for Jews, night of Easter Vigil for Christians... Anyway I vote for the gorgeous royal blue dress Meredith made! It looks stunning and comfortable, and that's a combo that I find hard to resist!

  16. I like Carolyn's suggestion.... Go to a store and try on some expensive dresses. Things you never would normally try on. Either you will find something that you can recreate, OR you can splurge on something fantastic.

    (without taking attention away from the Bride, of course ;) )

  17. Based on what I've seen you wear so far, I like McCall's 6319. The pattern is rated Easy, and it looks fresh and modern. I also like B 5674, although the drapes might be a challenge with your bust. Some other suggestions are V1287 or V8787, which has both straight and flared skirt options. Good luck! I so love weddings.

  18. Since time is short, I'd go with something you've already made and love. Say Vogue 1250 (or even 1257, sleeveless). Yes, going to try on some new styles on may be good in general. But actually our bodies' fundamental shapes don't change that much, and what looked good last year will still look good on you now.

    I second the suggestion of a nice flashy orange knit, sleeveless so you survive the heat. But perhaps also a cardigan/bolero in lace, for a dressy but useful shot of a/c protection? A nice SW e-shrug or something would do fine, as long as the fabric's dressy.

    Think of some matchy but less usual color combos with the orange, such as deep red or hot pink, to liven up the ensemble. The new shoes this definitely calls for :-) can match the cardigan, so you're still flashy even when only wearing the dress. In fact, if I were you I'd buy the shoes first, then find suitable fabric.

  19. hi debs what about V1182its a fab dress but i change the zip to the side and made the collar in one piece. It sits much better that way

  20. Marfy of course ( all on Vogues web site) F2441, F2325, F2436, F2313. They are so beautifullly drafted and I think you'd enjoy making one.

  21. I agree with Carolyn about snoop-shopping first. I would try that to see what you like.

    If this turns out to be a silhouette that works for you, take a look at Vogue 8663. It has a sleeved and sleeveless version and the neckline is really pretty.


  22. I agree about snoop shopping. Find a silhouette you like and then find a pattern. You have many good suggestions already for a pattern.

  23. You might want to check out JC Penny on first and third Friday of the month. They are running some awesome sales. I was able to purchase 9 LBD for $2 each and 2 LBD for $5 each. The original prices varied from $70 - $90. There wasn't anything wrong with them and they are all very stylish. I figured if I was really opposed to one I could always use the fabric for something else.

  24. Forgot to say I am attending a beach wedding in March and I have made Vogue 2779 for the rehearsal dinner and McCalls 6028 for the wedding. I may not wear the McCalls 6028 for the wedding but may change it up for one of my JCP bargains.

  25. You'll be just up the road! We live in Coral Springs. (Long time lurker, first time commenter.) The tan can come in a bottle (seriously, the newer stuff isn't bad if you don't overdo it). I'm sure you'll pick something lovely. My sewing is either house stuff (like curtains) or costuming, so unless you're looking for a lovely number from the 14th century, I can't be much help.

  26. Not BVM, but I like Simplicity 2648. It's one of the 'Amazing Fit' patterns, so it has the different cup sizes and the 'curvy' or 'average' hips/thighs. I think this pattern was dress of the year in 2010?

  27. Debbie, I just don't like sleeveless anything on any woman carrying a few extra pounds. I absolutely adore Vogue 8787 and 1283, and you could shorten the sleeves to make them cooler while still covering the upper arms. You will look amazing no matter what you choose!

    Regards, Gail D.

  28. I agree with Carolyn (cmarie12), check out and try on the styles at the store, then decide if you want to sew or buy. When I needed dress for my daughter's Wed reception, my friend kept pushing me towards a red dress (her favorite color), trying on a sapphire blue one as soon as I zipped up it was bought. No regard to the price (which turned out not bad). Your tastes change, you've expanded your color choices. You didn't say whether day or night wedding. Good luck. Whatever you decide will be great.

    Joann Fabric is to have patterns on sale: Simplicity 1.99 (March 4-10) and Butterick (March 1-3). I thought they were to have Vogue on sale also, but could not pull up complete part of the ad flyer online.

    Joy in Palmland

  29. Make the Butterick Pippa dress (I think it's B5710). It's really pretty, just cap sleeves, and quite fancy, but not overly fussy. And with your new, hotter bod, you can totally pull it off!

  30. i think Vogue 1250 is perfect. it has an understated elegance, as knit it will not show wear, and wrinkles. Look for a pashmina, and splurge on fantastic shoes and bag.

  31. No polyester. No artificial anything -- you already know about Florida heat and wearing plastic fabrics, so I am surely preaching to the choir. Don't give yourself heat stroke for the sake of beauty. Also, I council no waist seam as well as no sleeves, but that's just me. Have a lovely time at the wedding!


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