Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Best Laid Plans (or 10,000 words on how I spent my week)

So have I even been IN the sewing room since my last post? Uh, no.

Most of my spare time this week has been spent looking at houses. I think I've decided on the very first one I saw a few weeks ago. More on that in a minute.

I saw a different house last night after work and really liked it. The kitchen was updated and really nice, but there was no screened-in area outside. I don't have to have a screened-in pool but I do want a screened-in something. It's Florida. Bugs. Need I say more? I also decided that pretty much none of my living area furniture was going to fit. I liked the layout of the place, but it doesn't have long expanses of walls for my big wall units. That's not the end of the world because I'd really love to just leave most of my stuff behind and start new, but realistically, that's not going to happen so I do have to make a lot of it work for a while and it would be difficult to do there.

I saw another house earlier in the week and it had a beautiful screened-in pool, a great self-contained upstairs area for Alex, but no fenced-in yard. The fence is a MUST. I want to be able to let the dogs out in the morning by themselves while I get ready for work. I also counted 5 bedrooms when 4 were advertised, which is way too many, and each room had different laminate which was just too weird for me. I know I can't get perfection in a rental, but some things would just bug me forever. That's one of them.

I saw a couple others but nothing really worth detailing. Some people are just hallucinating is all I can say. lol

So, back to the first house. I loved the location when I first found it. I've lived within a 5-mile radius for 22 years. More importantly, so has Alex, and he's not ready to leave his home turf, so it's been a priority for me to find something very close to where we are now. Haha — I just re-read that and since Alex is still 19, he hasn't lived around here for 22 years, but it has been his entire life.

At this house, the pool is screened and self-cleaning, and the front yard is big and gorgeous, set back from the street. The back yard is even bigger, private, fenced, and great for the dogs. It's about an acre total. (Yard service is included in the rent.) It's got 3 good-sized bedrooms, a nice laundry room, wood flooring in the family room, and a fireplace. But it has a butt-ugly kitchen. No, I don't cook all too much anymore and it's only going to be the two of us, and Alex isn't into sit-down dinners much anymore, but still — it's going to be harder to leave my current custom dream kitchen than my current husband (hee hee) so I really, really didn't want to go so far backwards even though I loved the location and the privacy. And, how could I go for the first house I ever looked at without seeing any others?

I was so close to putting a deposit on the house from last night after weighing pros and cons, but decided to call house #1's owner (not really the owner, the my-age nephew of the out-of-town owner who's acting as his go-between, but it's easier to just say owner) before I did. I was honest with him and told him it was between his house and the one from last night. His would win, except for those horrific green Formica counters. I asked if his uncle might be willing to split the cost of new counters with me. He told me to forget about splitting the cost of new counters because his uncle was already planning to completely update the kitchen - counters, cabinets, appliances, etc. Well, as you can imagine, that sealed the deal. Let that also be a lesson — it never hurts to ask. And lesson #2, most men are not detail creatures. You have to force it out.

So now we're going over the fine points and I will meet the nephew tomorrow to give him my formal application and deposit. Tentative move-in date, May 1. Good god, I have to start packing like yesterday.

So, did I start packing? No. I had important shopping to do. Industrial underwear, remember? Holy cow - trying on shapewear which requires contortions to even get on is so NOT fun. Having to do it multiple times because you have no idea what size you are anymore is even less fun. I gave up in the middle and bought 3 that I was pretty sure would fit based on the too-big ones. Plus by that time I really had to pee. They do fit, but I've decided I'm keeping none of them and not wearing anything under my dress other than pantyhose and a bra. Control top PH is all the "shaping" I want. The industrial shapewear just squishes me in ways that make the dresses (yes both teal and red) not fit as well. And let's not even mention the ordeal a visit to the Ladies would bring on. Or the comfort level of a hook and eye crotch. If I wanted a bra in my crotch … I should just stop there. ;-)

I did find a Vanity Fair balconette bra for $12. It's perfect for under the teal dress - no straps peeking. I'll probably never wear it again because it's got those stand-up at attention formed cups and I hate those, and do not need them, although, I'm losing more in the boob department than I thought I would. I've gone from a 42DDD to a 36D now. I thought I was still a 38DD this morning so before I found the keeper bra I had to try on a bunch of 38Ds that were hilarious on me. Pretty soon it's going to be GOODBYE FBA. Hahaha!

If only my thighs would disappear at the same rate as my boobs. As you'll see in a minute.

Since I was already in Macy's, I decided to have a look around for casual clothes. I wasn't expecting much since my last trip to Macy's was a huge bust. No pun intended. But I learned that UPSTAIRS is where I need to shop, not main floor. Again, I hit the mother lode. I may never sew again. Everything fits and the stores are filled with MY colors. Have I mentioned how much I love orange and other bright hues? And it's instant gratification, baby. Does anyone want to buy a fabric stash? JUST KIDDING! My sewing desire will return. Probably at the exact time I start packing up the sewing room.

So, here's what I bought. All of the capris are snug, on purpose. They are a size smaller and I plan to be wearing them for the next 4 months at least. They will fit better in a month. I even bought a second pair of white in TWO sizes down, because they were only $27 each and I know I will kick myself if I shrink out of the whites and don't have a back-up plan.

White capris, $27, which do nothing for my thighs but this is Florida and white capris are The Law. But this is also after 5 minutes of wearing. They are denim and I know they will stretch out some. Jeweled turquoise print top, which I was willing to pay $49 for but I was surprised by a sale price of $36.

I love casual clothes with built-in jewelry.

Same $27 capris but in denim. Darker is definitely more slimming, but also more hot. And not in a good way. Print tee, $20, which is textured but you can't see that. It also goes GREAT with the orange skirt I bought a few weeks ago.

Different brand of capris, $36, although I did also buy khakis from the same line as the white and denim above. These are snugger in the thighs but will also stretch out after 20 minutes. The top, $18, is smocked around the neckline but that wide smocking - what's it called? Bonnie?? Are you out there?

You can't really see much more detail here, but I tried.

So, as you can see, my thighs are still holding on to their girth, even though the scale continues to move downward. I could live with my much flatter but still not flat tummy just the way it is now, but damn, I wish those thighs would go away. It's just not gonna happen. I've always had them and always will. All I can do is work to tone them up, and the pool in my soon new house will do just that. I'm looking forward to jumping in it every night after work. I don't need to be presentable after I get out and there will be no one around to see me in a bathing suit since Alex works most nights and the dogs don't care. In fact, they'll probably jump in with me. lol

I'm hoping to finally get into the sewing room tomorrow, but I can't promise. My life is about to take off again and it's exhausting.

But have I mentioned lately that I love my job! ?? :-)


  1. I am glad that you're back...I missed you! I am more glad that you found such a great place to live. Your life is moving forward, and your thighs are perfectly fine! Life is good. Enjoy some time on your will learn all kinds of things about yourself. I was on my own for 8 years before I remarried and it was good for me in many ways. Good luck on your new beginning!

  2. sounds like everything is coming together. There is life after divorce. Sometimes there is even marriage after divorce, but we aren't going there right now. ;-)

    Best wishes on your new home.

  3. Love the clothes - especially the turquoise top - beautiful.

    Isn't it funny how you lose weight last on the places you want to lose firts. My girls are always the last to start reducing!

    Good luck with house.

  4. I love all your clothes and they are the same as what we wear here in Perth. Capris are my standard summer/spring/autumn wear. Good luck with the new home organizing.

  5. Congrats on finding a house! Nice clothes too especially that first outfit. I'd wear that in a heart beat.

  6. It's so great to 'hear' the positive tone in your posts. I LOVE to hear how much you love your job and I also love to see the photos of your new outfits.

  7. Debbie, you look happy, you write happy... I'd say you are happy. You go girl and get right into living. Things are falling into place for you wonderfully.
    A POOL... just what the doctor ordered seeing that you guys are coming into summer. My sister lives near Lakeland and when I visited the USA it was coming up summer. Hot and humid, just like where I live.
    OH... do you like your job ??? LOL

  8. Congratulations on the continued weight loss and finding a new place! You look fantastic and your happiness is showing!

  9. Everything is coming up roses! I applaud your decision on the undergarments for the teal dress. As long as it fits, you don't need the heavy duty stuff.

    Great news on the house with the new kitchen!!! But May 1 is really soon. I don't envy you packing *that* up. And not to get too personal, I'm sure you have all the legal formalities lined up...for that other thing...ahem. :-)

  10. I meant *that* sewing room. Curse you, tiny keyboard!!!

  11. Oh, and is the kitchen remodel happening before you move in? I hope?! That doesn't give them much time either.

  12. Meredith, no the remodel will happen while I'm there. But I've lived in a remodel disaster for the last 6 years or so, so I can deal with it. And it won't take long - a couple of weeks at the most.

  13. You look wonderful in everything!

  14. You look wonderful in everything!

  15. All sounds wonderful, good for you. It has been quite the power year, congrats.

  16. I love the same colors. You really did get some great buys from Macy's. Glad you found a house and you are right it never hurts to ask.

  17. *LOL* at your post! A couple of shapewear should be purchased NOT when you need it. I've always had a problem buying at the time I need it for a formal dress but if I just buy it in the course of a shopping trip I do better. Also contortions, yeah I do a few but I've got it down to a system now and never even think about it anymore! *LOL*

    Now the thigh thing, I've been walking the treadmill for the last couple of months and mine aren't shrinking much, getting a little toner yes, but shrinking not so much. I think I would have to start running to get them skinner and that ain't happening! *LOL*

    Finally, the sewing will come back. I think it's just the thrill of being able to buy anything that's got you pumped now. I can buy a lot at the store but the really trendy, fashionable things I can't get...not my size, not my price range, not my color.

    Good luck with the packing. I'll be thinking of you since I just did that myself!

  18. Lot's of luck to you on all of it. I love your (hee hee); understand it, too! (been there, done that)

  19. You're looking fab and the house sounds great. Too bad you don't have a great job! That would make everything perfect. You are certainly enjoying the thrill of RTW.

  20. If you ever need someone to take your orange and blue fabric off your hands, I'm your woman! That is my favorite combination as well. Congratulations on your job and your new home--a lot of changes, but all good.

  21. You are looking and sounding good.
    Congratulations on deciding on the new place AND getting a new kitchen AND the chance to totally re-organize your sewing space.
    I am feeling a need to go to Macy's this week - I haven't gone since they took over Meier & Franks here (oregon) as it was not the same.

  22. I can sympathize with you on the thighs. I have them, too. Even at my skinniest, they dictate the size pants I buy and then the waist always needs some darts in the back.

    The new house sounds great - enjoy that pool. While pools aren't uncommon here in TX, not nearly 1/2 the houses have them and I've never heard of one being "screened-in."

  23. Congrats on the new house. Glad everything is falling in to place for you. The screened pool is fantastic, no bugs and very little pollen.
    The reason pools aren't screened in TX is due to the weather. Any bit of snow would cause the screens to fail, or so I have been told!

  24. Debbie, you're scaring me. No more FBA? YOU MAY NEVER SEW AGAIN?!! That would be a tragic loss to the online sewing community!

    Here's what has to happen. Now that you're so svelte and skinny (forget the thighs -- only liposuction gives real women chopstick legs), you need to shop in unaffordable clothing stores. Go try on clothing that you can't possibly afford, that makes you feel like a supermodel, and you'll be churning out DebbieCouture in no time. Your sewing machines will thank you, and so will all of us who love seeing what you sew.

    BTW, I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND that it's easier to leave your man than your dream kitchen! Hah!

  25. I can't see the picture well, but I think it's called North American Smocking. And congratulations on your new house with new kitchen!

  26. Just read about a Fl Law Firm firing 14 workers for wearing coordinating orange t-shirts on Friday for their happy hour. Hope it wasn't your Firm. LOL, I suspect it wasn't yours though.

  27. Lattice Smocking? I can't tell in the photo...the print is obscuring it a little. But that's the one that forms almost a "pinched diamond" pattern. I miss smocking...wish my brother would have a baby girl next! haha.

    Good to see you smiling and happy. :)

  28. Congrats for finding the house! It sounds terrific. I share your opinion about shapewear. I'd rather excercise and that says a lot. Your clothes look great!! I may have to give Macy's another try. Unfortunately, I already spent my clothing budget on my stash. I'll be sewing :).

  29. Oh my, Debbie. I didn't realize that I was breaking "The Law" by not wearing white capris while I'm in Florida.
    Your new house sounds wonderful. I wish.
    I marvel at your continuing weight loss.

  30. Hi :) I am a NEWBIE to your blog :) LOVE IT :) I sew for a living, mostly alterations... but some custom sewing when people can AFFORD me :) You might want to think about shortening your capris an inch or two???? You have a CUTE figure :) GOOD for you :) I think the shorter length might flatter your leg length.

    GOOD LUCK to you :) You look GREAT :) As an aside comment..Your breast size probably won't decrease much more... ALAS, with AGE we ALL tend to sag a bit though :) We need GREAT bra support :)

    I am so glad to 'meet' you :) Best wishes from Cheryl :)

  31. I'm not an expert on smocking,Debbie,
    but the word you might be looking for could be 'shirring'(pron. like shirting without the T). Showing my age!!!

  32. Congrats on finding the perfect house. So, no sewing for the next 2 months, but poor Debbie is too busy for words. On to the new life! Between the new wonderful job and the new house, things should be just dandy by Memorial Day!


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