Saturday, June 30, 2012

Random Saturday Thoughts

1. This is mainly to say I'm still alive. ;-)
2. Tropical Storm Debby was not as nice as Real Life Debbie but we didn't fare too bad.
3. Lost power all of last Sunday and into the wee hours of Monday.
4. But it was back in time for me to get to work just fine.
5. Went to the store after work Monday for a few things.
6. Came home and was locked out because the power was off again and I was counting on the power garage door to get in.
7. Oops.
8. Stuck freezer stuff from store into a cooler we had on the back porch.
9. Watched the pups watching us through the window.
10. Drove to landlord's house to pick up a key.
11. Got home and power was back.
12. Figures.
13. Key now hidden outside.
14. Yeah, I could just put one on the keychain but that's not me.
15. Due to no power and then no motivation, no sewing has happened.
16. The sewing for today will be purses I'm behind on.
17. I need to take down my purse-selling website because I feel they suck the life out of me.
18. I like the extra money.
19. But I've decided I don't like it enough.
20. So the site will be coming down.
21. When I get the motivation to do it all.
22. Just got done re-creating my embroideries for the purses.
23. Because out of everything for the move, I can't find my embroidery disks.
24. All I can think is I threw them out unintentionally.
25. Or they're still at the other house.
26. Can I sew three purses today? (Already cut out last weekend before the power went.)
27. Because what I REALLY want to be sewing is a top for me to match a skirt that's been unworn for a while.
28. Cover me, I'm going in.


  1. Glad to hear that you survived the storms okay. Hurry up and finish the purses so that you can sew for you!!!

  2. It's kind of insulting that they named the storm after you! :-) We were once locked out of the house WITH our puppies when we got up to take them for a potty break at 3 AM (this was about a week after we got the puppies and they could not hold it). When we tried banging on the window to wake our kids so they could let us in, my son thought we were robbers and CALLED 911! Explaining all of this to the police, in my bathrobe, at 3 AM, in the RAIN, was not so much fun...

  3. Glad you survived the tropical storm - of course Real Live Debby is so much more fun! And nicer too.

    Sew on those purses so you can create garments that inspire. g

  4. #28 sounds like the old "duck and run" routine!

  5. I do so enjoy your random thoughts postings! :)

  6. Glad you are doing well and survived Debbie!

    When sewing becomes a chore (like making purses) it is time to MOVE on. Sew for yourself and you'll fall in love with sewing all over again. Sure the money is nice from the purses but your time is precious.

  7. Why not just suspend the purses for a while? Put a notice on the site that you are on hiatus, and then revisit in a few months. If you feel like going back to it, you'll save a lot of time and energy recreating the site. If you still don't want to do it, take down then.

    Glad you survived the storm! My sister near Clearwater got almost 11 inches of rain in a couple of days, yikes. K

  8. When I took my embroidery hobby into a business doing custom items with a commercial machine, it killed the hobby for me. I closed the books and quit but still don't have the joy that I once had though I am more well rounded when it comes to choosing what I want to stitch. Every segment becomes calculating profit,controlling cost and time per project which was helpful in that now I am not continuously doing happies or giving away my precious time as I once was prone to do until I realized the value of my time in the price equation. Sew for yourself when you have time and perhaps create a military purse pattern and generic design to sell if you want a sideline or go wayyy up on the price to not do so many and make more money when you do. mssewcrazy

  9. I'm glad to hear that you survived storm Debbie with only a few hiccups. Our East Coast rain is starting to dry up now. I thought that it would never end. Hopefully, you are finished with those purses and happily sewing for yourself.


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