Saturday, December 1, 2012

Not for me

Today in the sewing room was not for me. Well, mostly.

First up, is another make of the cardi from Vogue 8546. This time for my sister for Christmas, on request after trying mine on last winter. I cut it out today and will sew it either tomorrow or during the week. It's a fast sew, if I remember correctly.

Here's mine from 2 years ago. Hers will be purple Sophia knit. I still wear mine since sizing isn't really an issue in this drapey style. I'm sure I could make it smaller and it would still fit about the same.

For me, I did manage to eek out one Magic Pencil from the leftover purple Sophia, so that's ready to be sewn.

The other Not-for-Me is this infinity scarf for the "white elephant" gift exchange at work on Tuesday.

The rules for our exchange are to spend no money, find something, anything you already own that you want to part with, and re-gift it. We did this last year too and it was pretty funny since you start by unwrapping one gift but it can be "stolen" along the way by the later unwrappers. I've had this fabric in my stash for years and these infinity scarves seem to be trendy right now so maybe it will be a winner. If not, less than an hour was spent making it (thanks to Dawn's tutorial here) and these 2 yards are now out of the stash and can stop mocking me.

Since I'm basically a Scrooge, this will probably be the extent of any holiday sewing or crafting.

In other news, both the shoes and the fabric I recently ordered arrived. The shoes went back since they weren't immediately comfortable. Sob. Half the fabric is also going back since I'm not thrilled with it. I have too large a stash to just keep what I don't love and I'd rather have the money back to buy what I do. But that still leaves a few cuts that I did like and tomorrow they'll be pre-washed and ready to go for whenever the mood hits.


  1. That's going to be really nice in the Sophia knit.

  2. Thanks for linking the scarf tutorial, looks like a great stash busting gift idea.

  3. I think that infinitely scarf will be a big hit- especially in the polka dot. That's a great fabric match :)

  4. I like the rules for at-work gift-giving. The only gifts I will be making this year are a pair of fleece socks and a fleece dickie (for my parents). I.must.get.started.

  5. I finally got around to ordering some Sophia on your recommendation way back when and you're right; it's lovely! I wonder where you buy fabric on-line that's returnable? I am so often disappointed in color, or hand, or pattern scale. I would certainly shop with more confidence (read: abandon!) if I knew I could send it back! Thanks for all you share with us!

  6. I love it and the scarf is fantastic! So impressive!

    My gift-giving involves some recently acquired knitting skills. . .

  7. OH my gosh I feel really stupid that I haven't made an infinity scarf yet. LORD. I just BOUGHT one. Doh. ;) Happy you're so happy these days. Love ya!


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