Monday, November 11, 2013

This and That

First, a big Happy 238th Birthday to the United States Marine Corps, yesterday, and a solemn and grateful salute to all our veterans today. I'm proud of and thankful for you all, but especially to my son, Tyler, currently a corporal in the Corps and who re-enlisted a few weeks ago for another 4. Ooorah!

Next, I know you've all been on the edges of your seats waiting to see what I finally paired with the dress. cough:cough

(Don't know why it's so blurry. I must've knocked some setting on my camera without realizing it and since I've already changed to loungewear, this is going to be as good as it gets today!) As you can see, nothing exciting here ... just a RTW cami I pulled from my closet. It's actually a light ivory, but seems to blend in just fine with the white of the print. Right now, it's still warm here so bare arms and legs were just fine today and give me a while longer to decide what to do for a warmer layer. I like the dress a lot. It's comfortable to wear. I love the print. And I LOVE the pockets!

Yesterday was my sewing mojo day. I pulled out this oldie-but-goodie Kwik Sew and, after retracing a smaller size, whipped up a teal Sophia knit skirt. The pics I quickly took last night are ick. I'll get another one soon. Plus, I really want to make a top to go with it, so you'll probably get a whole outfit post after that's done.

I started the day with a trip to Joann's for elastic. I also knew there was a Simplicity sale. I haven't bought a Simplicity pattern in ages because I haven't been to Joann's in ages and, really, it's just easier to shop online at BMV during their sales (I so wish Simplicity would follow their lead). But apparently I like BMV patterns better because I really struggled to find 10 Simplicities to fill my 5 for $5 (limit 10) quota. Here's what came home with me. Mostly skirts, it seems, but a few tops too.

I was nearly shocked (SHOCKED) to see this selection of Foldover Elastic and ruffled elastic trim on the notions wall when grabbing the elastic I went in for.

I was also shocked by some of the nice fabrics I saw/touched. If I hadn't already promised myself NO FABRIC, the cutting line would've put me off anyway. I came home with zero yardage. #proudofmyself

So that's it for this Monday, a semi-holiday on which I had to work. But the upside is that traffic was nice and light and I was home before 5:30 tonight. If you had the day off, I hope you spent it sewing!

Now off to read some blogs and catch up on my Sunday DVR queue. And read my new patterns. ;-)


  1. Hi there! I've never commented on a blog before! But I had to say that simplicity pattern 2372 is great. I make the view C top a lot . I am asize 16 and it is really easy to make and very flattering to wear. I have also made the dress view B and it is also good. Give it a go! You will end up like me and have many tops in all kinds of fabrics !!! The little sleeve is just perfect for my ageing arms....

  2. Love the dress. And yes the cami is very well suited. Looking forward to seeing the patterns done up.

  3. Your dress looks great. I noticed at my Joann's some better fabric, too.

  4. So chic and professional! I love the style, I have found that pockets are quite necessary at the office.

    I may have to check out the fabrics next time I pop in for a zipper. Its been years since I've done that at JoAnns.

  5. I really like this dress and really everything that you stitch.

  6. Love the dress!I think the foldover elastic is for some type of hairband craft? I was surprised as well,and noticed they also started stocking clear elastic. They seem to carry a lot more knits than they used to as well. Maybe they are starting to notice there is a need for more than just polar fleece!

  7. I just made Simplicity 1590 in a white with red polka dots poplin that is left over from the table decorations at my wedding - almost 23 years ago. Yes, I'm working on busting my stash too! Unfortunately, I made it a bit small for me, and I'm not sure whether I should send it to the op shop or just try harder to lose weight before summer really hits (coldest November day in 6 years here today!)...

  8. Love the dress and it does look great with the white cami.

  9. Popped in to (also) say that Simplicity 2372 is a gem, even though it looks a bit dowdy on the model. The top had become another TNT for me

  10. You can get much better and way cheaper FOE online... Just in case you didn't know :)

  11. What Nikki said above. My source for FOE (when I was selling baby headbands from my Etsy shop) is Elastic By The Yard.

    Seriously...about 30 cents a yard
    for solids and maybe up to $1.00 a yard for prints/glitter/etc.

  12. I was taught by my sewing instructor at college to use a 3.5 straight stitch for sewing knits. I've never had a problem. Are they really using that lightening stitch in the industry? I don't think so because the knits are all serged.

    This is just poor customer service. It may have felt good at the time but probably wasn't a wise choice on Steph's part.

  13. I too was suprised to see FOE at Joann and Hancock, but am a bit disappointed that it's almost all more suitable for children's wear.

    The new dress/camisole looks good.


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