Saturday, August 23, 2014

Random Thoughts

I haven't posted a list of Random Thoughts in a while and since I don't have any gorgeous (or even not-gorgeous) finished photos to share ... here we go ...

1. I tried on the dress this morning.
2. Not happy.
3. Yet.
4. BTW, I didn't mean last post that I don't try on at all during the process, only that I don't do the final try-on before hems until I'm sure I'm OK with any result.
5. Sometimes I just don't want to wreck a sewing session with a less-than-stellar result.
6. And sometimes it's not the garment, but my frame of mind/mirror which could wreck it.
7. I found my camera charger cord.
8. Can I get an A-MEN!!
9. It looks amazingly like a really old phone charger, which I kept out when packing/moving by mistake instead of the correct charger.
10. Now you know why I don't throw away the wrong one.
11. Too afraid the wrong one will be the right one, or vice versa, on trash day.
12. Have you SEEN Peter's and Michael's new swimsuits?
13. Go back one post too, to see more of Peter's cute tushie ... er ... first new suit.
14. I've been asked to be an "indie" pattern tester.
15. I will, as usual, give my honest opinion when the process is over, and am looking forward to seeing how it goes from this "side."
16. So far, the pattern looks promising and something I'd pick for myself.
17. And that's all I can say for now.
18. A personal request: Cross your fingers for me at 2 PM on Tuesday.
19. Football season is almost here.
20. I actually kinda got into the World Cup after I had some tutoring from a current co-worker, but ...
21. It ain't the NFL. ;-)
22. We can actually hear the Bucs' cannon from where I'm living now.
23. Too bad I'm not really a Bucs fan.
24. Exactly how much crack have the Project Runway judges been smokin' this season?
25. Still enjoying the show, though.
26. I still have fabric all over the house.
27. I really want it to be organized.
28. But first I need to buy a new shelf or something and I don't have the funds yet.
29. See #18.


  1. Sending good thoughts for 2 pm on Tuesday now, in case I'm otherwise occupied then and fail to notice the time. :)

  2. I am refusing to watch project runway after seeing The Great British Sewing Bee.

  3. AMEN! And fingers crossed for Tuesday at 2PM. Good luck.

  4. I fully agree about Project Runway this season and completely get your try-on comment. I never try on after an evening of sewing as I don't want to chance going to bed on a negative note. Best of luck on Tuesday!!!

  5. Great post! I will think of you for your 2pm apoointment, good luck!

  6. Congrats on the indie pattern testing. Fingers (and toes) crossed for Tuesday.

  7. Fingers are crossed! And I can't wait to see what indie pattern you'll be sewing.

  8. Fingers and toes are crossed for you!

  9. Fingers crossed! The Bucs are doing okay so far tonight, but I agree, still meh. K

  10. Fingers crossed for Tuesday! I'm also looking very forward to hear about your indie pattern testing experience--if it's something you'd actually wear, it's probably something that I'd actually wear, too. ;)

  11. Fingers crossed here as well! I'll be thinking of you.

  12. 2 pm's on! Positive energy coming your way!

  13. Amen.
    Piles of crack.
    2pm Tuesday = HUGE good thoughts.
    Good luck with the dress.

  14. Sending my Tuesday positive waves today as working out the time difference has never been my strong point. I hope you enjoy the pattern reviewing. Peter and Michael are the BEES KNEES..

  15. Good luck on Tuesday!

    Like a moth to a flame, I follow the Lions. Like a moth to a flame, I always get burned. *cough* Go Lions! *cough*

  16. Oh and as for PR, the judges' brains were fried years ago. What you're witnessing is a full-on zombie apocalypse.

  17. Fingers and toes crossed for all good things, especially on Tuesday ....

  18. Debbie-Just saw this at getting close to 2 p.m. your time on Tuesday.
    You will rock this! Best wishes, Bernadette

  19. I tried to hard to cross fingers but the time zone thing got all messed up in my head. I hope it worked out all right anyway.

  20. Here's hoping your job interview went well.

  21. Hello. I came across your blog last year and started to make the Ikea Expedit fabric bins. Problem was, I started them and then had to stop to care for an ill family member. I took out my sewing supplies tonight to finish them and realized your photos aren't there anymore for the pattern! Would you mind emailing me them [joy.gabrielle at] , so I can finish? It was this post:


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