Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 in Review

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Warning: VERY photo-intensive post. I'm doing a huge photo dump here of my last year since my blogging pretty much went south and unless you follow me on Instagram, this will all be new to you. I understand that not everyone is going to be interested in my mundane, boring year but I'm documenting it as much for my own recollection as to catch you up. Feel free to scroll down and move on. I won't be insulted :-)

All in all 2015 wasn't terrible and overall better than 2014. But it started out crappy because the house in the city I started renting in April 2014 turned out to have a major slumlord as an owner and I hated everything about it. I've never lived in such a horrible place and it really took a toll on me. (First world problems, I know.) But once I found a new place, moved, and (mostly) settled in, my mental state did a 180 and things have been rolling along ever since. (I'm still in the city, with a 7-minute morning commute. It's awesome!) Even the sewjo has returned and now that the holidays and my related travels are pretty much in the rear view, I expect some serious output to start happening. If for no other reason than I NEED NEW CLOTHES.

So here's some "highlights" of my last year, sewing- and family-wise, at least those moments documented via cell pics.

I think this is the first thing I started and finished in 2015. I still wear it (which you'll see below in the December pics).

My "baby" Alex turning into a man.

A visit to The Tattooed Moose and the Marine in Charleston, SC.

At the bar at Parris Island. Quite a different experience from boot camp there.

And then I wrecked my car on the drive back to Florida. No injuries and the car is now good as new. The damage was mostly plastic and the radiator and looks worse here than the bill reflected. Thank heaven.

Seeing the Blue Angels practice over Beaufort, SC on my trip back to pick up my fixed car.

Another sewing project. I wear the HECK out of this. It's comfortable, flattering, and professional looking. It's the Muse Jenna cardi over a Simplicity pull-on tank dress with an elasticated waist. I'm too lazy to look up the pattern number.

A work bathroom selfie and another Simplicity dress and I'm still too lazy to look it up. It's the faux wrap that was popular a few years ago, which took me a while to get around to.

One of the MANY reasons I moved house. Yeah, it's what you think it is. OMG.

A long weekend get-away to the beach with Alex, his then-gf, and the pups. Much needed.

Just sitting and chillin' at our fun little rental cottage.

Isn't it cute? We could walk everywhere, and did.

A quick maxi tank dress I made for the beach trip and which subsequently got a lot of wear over the summer. I think this is the last of the cheap rayon knit from

A rare (for me) blogger meet-up. Mr. Celie's Pants was there too but he was holding the camera. This was so much fun and I'm glad Renee and Jordan have an excuse (her dad) to return sometime. I want a repeat. They are SO nice!

Still enjoying my job and still very thankful to have it.

We "found" pup #3, Charlie, in July, the week before we moved. He's a Chi-Weenie and is adorable. I still can't believe I have 3 dogs again. Alex is a mean negotiator and it's all his fault. And they all love him more than me.WTF

The herd.

The new place, as of July. It's a lot smaller than my previous houses and I've had to get rid of a LOT of stuff, but I'm of that "downsize" age anyway and it's nice to not be tied to housework and ... stuff. Plus, it's so bright and pretty inside and I'm happy.

The new small sewing room. It's mostly unpacked now but it's very small and my cutting table lives in another room and my pattern cabinet and much of my fabric live in the garage. I'm slowly moving some of the best stash inside and will eventually get rid of the unloved remainder but for now, it's working.

New kitchen before we hung shelves.

The Great Tampa Flood. That's my street.

We spent a lot of time (and cash) at Ikea those first couple of months after moving in. That's Alex pushing the cart in the warehouse.

I bought Alex a new BBQ/smoker he had been eyeing and he's been perfecting his wings and ribs since. We've had delicious food pretty much every weekend since football season started. Momma knew what she was doing buying that BBQ.  ;-)

In November, we saw America at the 2015 Ribfest in St. Pete. A bunch of "old" people my age (hahaha) enjoying them and the Doobie Bros and Santana tribute bands. It was a great day with great music, but Alex makes much better ribs.

A treat for myself (and Alex) from Black Friday and the proceeds from selling so much of my crap that didn't fit in the new house. (Have you noticed how bright every pic of my new house is? Sigh.)

The Cook men, minus Alex who stayed home with the pups, from when I went to see Tyler's performance 2 weeks ago in a church Christmas production in SC. This was the first time seeing my ex in 4 years. It was ... interesting. We all just ignored him and had a good time. I'm not kidding. Hahaha.

Tyler at church practice the night before the Big Performance.

And the church band performing "Carol of the Bells," which you'll recognize as a Trans Siberian Orchestra tune. They rocked it, and the rest of their performance!

The infinity scarf I made (on request) for my soon-to-be stepdaughter-in-law. While in SC two weeks ago, my stepson Michael asked for this and also for my help in picking out an engagement ring!!! for his gf (and the mother of his son, which makes me a step-grammie OMG).

Here's me with the "boys" on Christmas Eve in St. Augustine ... it was about 400 degrees that night, so we felt as blurry as we look here ... and ...

... Michael proposed to Hannah (see her scarf heehee!) ...

... and Tyler filmed it all (bad language warning if you watch it).

Michael and Hannah's son, Dean, who will be 1 in January.

And, finally, the sewing project (Cashmerette Appleton) I started at the beginning of the month and which I WILL finish this weekend.

Happy New Year!!


  1. It looks like the second half of 2015 was an improvement, and that's great; I hope 2016 keeps up the trend. Your sons have grown into fine looking young men, and it's splendid that you maintain such a good relationship with your stepson and his soon-to-be bride. Happy New Year, Debbie!

  2. Always enjoy your posts, Deb. Happy New Year!!

  3. Nice to catch up! I missed you.

  4. Glad to see that things are better now. All the best for 2016.

    1. You look wonderful and your sons are so handsome!! I hope this new year is happy, prosperous and healthy! I missed you

  5. Happy New Year! Your 2015 certainly picked up as it went on - may 2016 be even better.

  6. Love the brightness of your new home! Happy New Year!

  7. Lovely to hear that your year improved, hope the new one is good to you x

  8. Nice to catch up! Happy New Year.

  9. Happy New Year. I am so NOT showing that 'herd' photo to my son, no matter how cute and adorable they look... lol. Love the Appleton dress fabric.

  10. Looks like it was a great year! I didn't know you shared on instagram. I'll have to find you over there, too. :-)

  11. Happy New Year & looking forward to more of your great blog posts !!

  12. Thanks for the update, and here's to a great 2016!

  13. Happy New Years and here is to a fantastic 2016

  14. May 2016 continue to improve. I'm sad we couldn't connect while I was in Florida :( g

  15. So delighted to see your post, and your makes! Of course, family is fun to see! So happy your year ended on such an "up" note; you sound happy and relaxed, in a good way.

  16. Happy New Year to you and yours Debbie. I am pleased your new home is working well for you. Good health and fortune for 2016.

  17. It has been a while coming - but it is so wonderful to "see" you in such a better place after the time-of-struggle. Thanks for sharing your year.

  18. Loved reading about your adventures through the year. The sons are so grown up now. I've been reading your blog so long that I feel as if I know all of you. It is wonderful that you are getting somewhat settled again and doing some sewing. Less stuff is not a bad thing as all of us clutter bugs know. Hope you and your boys have a wonderful year.

  19. It was nice and busy year for you, and I loved reading! Also I want to say that I love your dark fridge! It looks so cool:)

  20. Thanks for the retrospective. I read every word of it. Here's to a happier 2016!

    Sue C

  21. Thanks for the retrospective. I read every word of it. Here's to a happier 2016!

    Sue C


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