Thursday, February 1, 2001

Tutorials: Fabric Rose

Cut a tapered scrap of fabric. The longer the scrap, the bigger the finished rose. Mine below is about 22" long X 2-1/2" wide at the widest end and tapers to 1" wide at the narrow end.

Press in half.

Run 1 or 2 lines of basting stitches joining the raw edges.

Knot off one end and pull the gathering stitches. Pull the gathering fairly tight.

Starting at the narrow end, roll the strip, keeping the raw edges even on the back.

Stop every couple of rolls and secure the roll layers by stitching through them. Continue rolling to the end of the gathered strip. Secure the layers and knot off your thread.

Repeat for as many flowers as you want to create. Attach to your garment with a circle of handstitches from the wrong side which grab the raw edges of the flower.

Stand back and admire your pretty (and easy!) flowers.


  1. Great tutorial! I was looking for such a fabric flower for my dress, and did something similar, but it didn't turn out as nice. I'll redo it using you technique!

  2. very's awesome your tutorials are understandable yaaay!

  3. So fun and simple - my Grandaughters will love these on their t-shirts and dresses - maybe even a jacket - can't wait to try your easy method! Jan

  4. this would even be great for children hair bows. thats what im going to b doing for my daughter now . thanks so much im so excited


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