Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I Need a Wedding Dress

No, not THAT kind of wedding dress! A dress to wear to SOMEONE ELSE'S wedding. And it has to be a dressy dress.

My cousin is getting married for the first time (he's a lot younger than me) in West Palm Beach on April 7. So that means I have approximately one month to either make or buy a dress. And buy shoes to wear with it. And find a tan. ;-)

I want a sleeveless dress. It will be hot in April in South Florida. It was 80 HERE today.

I have to be able to wear a bra with it, with NO fiddling.

I'm not sure if I want a fitted or flowy skirt.

I need pattern suggestions NOW! I probably have only 2 or 3 dresses in the stash that are wedding appropriate. And the BMV sale ends tomorrow.


Sunday, February 26, 2012

A little tour

Still no sewing going on, but I've been thinking about it now that I'm on the countdown to NEXT weekend. Does that count? In the meantime, I snapped some cell pics this morning while I was alone in the office. Not that anyone would care if they saw me, just that I would feel weird with an audience.

This is PART of the hallway I used to have to walk down each time I needed to go back to Marketing. To get to Finance, I walked down this entire length, THEN turned left at the end and walked down that direction just as long. Pretty much the equivalent of two city blocks, one way. I'm very glad THAT is over with, but I also realize that I'm going to be losing some exercise time so I'll need a Plan B for that. Cool colors, right? They are part of our new brand colors.

I *will* have a reason to return to the Finance department from time to time, though. Last week I found out that the woman who sat next to me SEWS. She's about my age and complimented me on a blouse I was wearing. Taking the opportunity (because how else do you suss out sister stitchers?), I said, "I made it. And, I made everything I'm wearing today." The conversation took off. AND … she's a Viking girl too. Can this job GET any better? ;-) I feel some enabling coming on.

This is the view from my window. That's the Tampa River below, and just across it is The Tampa Tribune building. It's the white one you can sorta see on the right.

This is my old/new home. When I got to the office yesterday morning, I loaded up a cart with my stuff from my previous spot and wheeled it to my permanent (ahhh, permanent) home. My CPU had been moved already, but I also traded out mouse and monitor. I kept the "new" keyboard since I like it better and was really missing it. I am nowhere near organized, but I had actual work to do, so I just quickly put stuff in some sort of order and I'll tackle the rest at the end of the week after the crazy times have somewhat subsided. On my screen is a brochure I designed a couple of months ago that we're printing to bring to the upcoming event. When you think about law firms, you don't usually think about bold colors, shapes, and patterns. It's such a fun concept to work with. The blue/orange piece at the right is my Graphic Genuis "award" from the big boss.

Here's the distance view. It's obviously not a private office, but it's not a cubicle either. Where I was in the Finance department was much more cubicle-ish. I like the openness and there's only three of us here in the middle so there's plenty of space. We all get along great and we're quiet and respectful of each other when we have work to do. I know I've said it before, but it really is a great group. We each have very specific jobs to do and we do them well — alone and together. The big boss' office is at the back middle-right of this pic, where you can see a picture on the wall.

In other news, this morning on my way in to the office, I stopped for an appointment to look at a rental house that is about 2 miles from my current house. It was nice, but it's not the house for me and Alex. It's too big. I don't want to clean that much house anymore. But at least I've started the hunt. I'm hoping to find a stand-alone house, but am open to an apartment too if I can't find what I want at the price I can afford. Everything else has been working out, so I will just continue to have faith that my new home will work itself out too.

Friday, February 24, 2012

It's Official

I finally received my official offer letter today. The big boss had been out of town due to a death in the family, and the paperwork had to wait for her return. She was so cute hand-delivering it to my far-away location with a big you-know-what-eating grin on her face. Imagine my shock when I read the letter and saw that my salary offer is 10% more than what I'm making now through the agency, which was already pretty darn good (not bragging, just so happy I lucked into this whole thing). I couldn't sign that sucka fast enough. lol

My official start date on the firm's payroll is Monday. I have an appointment with HR that morning, which I'll have to squeeze into the middle of our big event preparation chaos, during which I'll sign the gazillion policy and benefit papers presented in this neat binder (ironically parts of which I actually helped design. lol). The benefits are more than very generous, and they begin immediately — no waiting period at all. Health, dental, vision, life, disability, 401k with matching funds, Flexible Spending Account, 18 days PTO for the first 2 years (then more) plus 10 holidays plus 1 floater, a year-end bonus, free financial planner advice, free mental health and other counseling if wanted, and probably other stuff I'm not remembering due to the haze of legalese on a gazillion papers. Woot!! Ya gotta love the big law firms!! So, not only did my actual expected salary go up 10% but if you add in the value of the benefits … well, let's just say I'm never quitting this job. Ever. (And if some years down the road I grumble about going to work, refer me to this post, please.)

A nice touch to all the paperwork was this little card, which says it all, plus inside, "We're so glad to have you here."

Today was another party day, even though we have SO MUCH work to get done by next Thursday. We had a catered lunch/meeting/goodbye-predecessor/welcome-me from 12:00-1:00 PM and at 4:00 PM, we pretty much shut down for a cocktail & goodies party to send off my predecessor, who looked like she was having second thoughts — I know I would be. lol

As I was leaving for the evening, my computer was being transferred to my new/old spot back in Marketing. I'll be working tomorrow and Sunday, and the first thing I'll do is move all my piles of projects to my new/old desk and get myself re-situated. I can't wait! And, it will be good practice for when I'm moving out of my current house and into a new place. ;-)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Another Unsolicitation

I worked today from 8 AM straight through to 6 PM, eating my lunch quickly at my desk once I realized it was 1:30 and I hadn't even thought about lunch. We're really kicking it into high gear this week, as our big event starts March 2 and there's a LOT to do to get ready for it. I would probably collapse from exhaustion if it was like this all the time, but our events are spaced out throughout the year so we do get some re-grouping time in between. And like I've said before, I much prefer the work hours fly by than drag on.

On my drive home, I called Alex to see if he wanted to grab some dinner out with me. We agreed on Outback (grilled ahi tuna and steamed veggies for me). I pulled into the driveway, texted him to come down, switched to the passenger seat (because Alex can park in tight spaces better than me!) and we were off — me still in my work outfit.

Alex dropped me off at the front door because it was raining and so I could get our names on the list as quickly as possible. As I was waiting for him to come inside, I looked around and settled on a lobby bench seat next to a young couple. She smiled at me and said, "I was *just* telling my husband how pretty you looked." Wow, right??

I knew I loved this cardi, but now it will make me feel even prettier every time I wear it.

You're getting a different background tonight because my usual door still has my new purchases hanging off of it, as you can see from this shot of the inside of the cardi.

And here's the pattern envelope, as a refresher. I'm planning to write a proper review at some point, but not this week. I love the shape of this. It really accents (and I'm guessing even creates) an hourglass shape, with the nipped-in waist and peplum. I want to make at least two more — another long-sleeved version and one with short sleeves for summer A/C in the office.

But I've also got a HUGE stack of to-do, especially since my latest BMV sale order finally arrived yesterday.

Did anyone else order Kwik Sew patterns and notice that delivery took almost twice as long as usual? I like being able to buy KS at a discount and via mail, but I do hope BMV improves shipping time because I'm not known for planning in advance. At least not away from the office.

Now I'm off to make tomorrow's lunch and jump into bed to watch a little TV before I turn out the lights.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Random Thoughts

1. When I said 4.5" heels, remember there's also a 1"+ platform. So net heel height is about 3.5", which is manageable. I just feel like I'm walking in the clouds.

2. The orange skirt is from JCP.

3. The print skirt from the other day is from Coldwater Creek.

4. The network was back up today when I got in.

5. Our brass had a come-to-Jesus meeting with IBM brass this morning, since this is the third time in 2 months we've had this hardware problem.

6. Lawyers vs. suits. Wonder who wins that one? ;-)

7. Four more days until I get "my" desk back, although I was told over the weekend that they would've re-arranged to squeeze me in somewhere in Marketing.

8. Yesterday's post was not aimed at anyone in particular, especially Carolyn. Just that she put down some things I had already been thinking. She seems to do that a lot, which saves me a lot of writing. ;-)

9. The birthday I'm not having is next month.

10. Looks like a trip to NYC is not happening in March, since I'll be packing and hopefully moving.

11. But it WILL happen in 2012.

12. I "only" bought the one pair of pumps, Carolyn. But I did buy a blouse and a pair of flat sandals. The blouse is definitely going back because the darts look like my dog sewed them. Can we say poofy points? Woof.

13. I got my hair cut last Wednesday. Today was the first day it felt like my hair again. Does anyone else's hair go completely limp after a haircut?

14. I've been losing the same 3-5 lbs for a few weeks now.

15. Do you think giving myself permission for celebration cake, happy hour, and Super Bowl snacks has anything to do with that?

16. Back on the wagon Friday night and I'm already down 2 again.

17. Keeping on because I have a cool new ORANGE skirt to wear soon.

18. I'm going to miss Downton Abbey.

19. When does Sons of Anarchy come back on?

20. And speaking of Suits, when does that one come back on? I think I love Harvey.

21. Why wasn't today a holiday for us? Hmmmm. Not that I wouldn't have worked anyway.

22. I still can't believe I'm getting paid to play in graphics programs all day. But I'm NOT complaining.

23. Would it be in poor taste to ask my predecessor before she leaves what her Christmas bonus was? Yeah, I know.

24. She's been coming in tardy and leaving early. I think she's as ready to be home as I am to be not. Synchronity and all that.

25. I love my job.

26. Are you sick of me yet? lol

27. It's not just my job I love, though. It's the whole team and how everyone has a necessary part in the big picture. It's really an amazing group.

28. One of my first "solo" projects next week will be to order myself business cards. lol

29. Who wants one? roflol

30. I fit a LOT of crap into my new tote bag this morning. It's definitely The One.

32. Is anyone else going to go see Act of Valor?

33. I wish I could go see it with the Marine.

34. Or the whole platoon. ;-)

35. I woke up at 5:30 a.m. today because I had to pee. My alarm is set for 6:01. I hate that.

36. TMI?

37. I was really early into the office today. Early departure and light holiday traffic.

38. Did you see KMQ's V1257 dress? Is she smokin' or WHAT?

39. I still haven't worn mine. Those snug sleeves just bug the crap outta me.

40. I'm going to use different sleeves and add real armholes and make another, because I really do like the dress. And maybe I'll cut off the sleeves for the one I made and wear it that way.

41. When I get back to sewing, that is.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Can You Stand Another Shopping Post?

I promise this will be a sewing blog again one of these days, just not for a couple of weeks at least. Carolyn's post the other day really resonated with me, because even before she wrote it I was thinking the same thing about my blog. I like sharing details and usually do when I have them, but lately, my sewing has been down and dirty, with pretty easy projects, and my time for details has been limited so I've been putting out more "look at what I did" posts instead of sharing the process. But I tend to go in cycles with most aspects of my life, so if you're hoping for construction details on more complicated projects, hang in there — they'll be back eventually.

I worked yesterday from 9:30-4:00 and again today from 9:00-3:00, and I got a lot done. Yesterday morning, our network went down. Thankfully, everything I had planned to do is not on the network so it didn't affect me too badly. But our email is down, which means Outlook is down, which means I can't access the emails and lists of stuff I need to do other things on my long list. It was still down when I left the office today, so I'm sure there will be grumbling in the morning, but, really, what can you do? It will be fixed when it's fixed. I'm sure the IT peeps had better things to do on their weekend too.

I planned to stop at the mall today on the way home to return some things from my recent JCPenney  and Coldwater Creek orders. Well, I didn't make it out of JCP so CWC will have to wait until another day. But I hit the mother lode, and had to talk myself OUT of many things because my closet is close to bursting at the seams as it is and I do plan to sew soon, AND I still had the things waiting at home that I kept. But what's working overtime good for if you don't spend some of the bonus money on fun stuff, right? ;-)

So, here we go …

I love this outfit. The blouse has a flounce around the vee neck and cute cap sleeves. It's lined front and back (sans sleeves), and I'm digging the 1940s vibe. Now I *need* some spectator pumps. The skirt is black, with gray dots …

… which you can see a little better here if you click the pic to enlarge it.

This skirt below is a little tight at the moment, but how could I resist an ORANGE skirt? You *know* my love affair with that color! Plus, look at it with my recent blouse purchase from CWC. I'm pretty sure by summer, the skirt will fit great. It really only needs about 5 more lbs gone. I think I may get the turquoise one too. At $20, fully lined with back welt pockets, I can't even THINK about making it for less.

I'm not sure about this top. It's really more for the weekend, but it blouses in a way that makes me look like I have jelly rolls around my waist. I think if I hem it shorter, that will fix it, but I'm still thinking about it. It's brown/beige, not black. The skirt is a jeans skirt (fly front, scoop front pockets, back jeans-style pockets). Also for the weekend, and jeans Fridays. (I not especially fond of jeans Fridays, BTW. I just don't like dressing DOWN for work. I feel schlumpy.) New shoes also, which I just ADORE!! They are 4.5" platform espadrilles, with bone patent leather cris-cross peep toe uppers, and they are extremely comfortable. I'm going to wear the heck out of these this summer and I'm already regretting not buying a back-up pair, since they're now sold out.

This blouse looks better without a flash photo, since all the contrast is washed out and it (and me) looks like a big blob. It's ivory, with a matching separate cami underneath and a bias tube belt with rings on either side. It's has seamed, gathered shoulders and is very floaty and pretty. And it's ONLY NINE BUCKS. Run to JCP and buy yourself one.

It's also got lingerie guards already in place. I nearly fainted when I saw that, FOR ONLY NINE BUCKS!

Green jacket. This is badly in need of a pressing and the back vent is still stitched closed so it's sitting a little snug at the hips until I snip that. Only $35. And more new shoes. Black loafer platform pumps. I'm still deciding on these. I like them and they're comfortable, but will I kill myself walking around in such high heels? Trust me, they are MUCH taller than they look in this pic.I'm almost 5'10" in these suckers since I could look Alex in the eye, and look at where my head hits on the door compared to the pic below. I also bought the white tee today too. You can't see any details, but it's a ruffle knit and will be a good basic underlayer. It's too long at the moment, though, so it needs a trip through the coverstitcher. There! I mentioned sewing. ;-)

This blouse is gauze-like, but a little more substantial. It has flounces on the 3/4 sleeves and the matching tank came with it. The blouse definitely needs to be belted and the armholes are low/wide, but it will be so comfortable when the humidity is at 3000% in August that I'm willing to overlook those deficiencies. And are you diggin' my Carolyn shoes?? I love them! Unfortunately, they are a little too wide (in the regular width) which you can sorta see at the back of the foot on your left, but I'm going to buy some foam insoles and I'm keeping them. I loved them when I saw them on Carolyn and I love them in person. Better a little too wide than too tight. ;-)

A new necklace.

And, finally, another new tote bag. I like this one better because it's bigger and costs less, so I'm sending the other one back to Zappos. If you're like me and don't need someone else's name or logo on your bag, then JCP is the place to shop. They always have a ton of nice bags at great prices. I can buy shoes all day (and night!), but I'm really cheap when it comes to purses.

So what did YOU do this weekend? I think NEXT weekend, I need to be dumping all the things in my closet I've been holding on to that are really just too darn big. I now desperately need the space.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Permanent Working Girl

This is what a working girl with a real job with real PAID benefits looks like after a long day at the office. Woooo!

That's the new tote bag I mentioned a couple of posts ago. It's still not exactly what I want, but it will do for the time being. I have a job now, I can buy another one later. ;-)

This is the Ottober 02/2007 re-TNT'd tee on its own. Too bad I didn't straighten my necklace before the camera clicked, but that's me - always a little skewed. lol

And this is REALLY what a working girl looks like after a long day at the office, changed into comfy lounging clothes. Both of these are huge on me, but I'm not going anywhere tonight so who cares.

This is the photo of the top (Burda plus mag from Feb 08) when I first made it. It's considerably shorter in this pic since there's considerably less me holding it up. It's also laying snug across the belly instead of loose and baggy as in the photo above. Plus, if I'm not paying attention, I end up flashing the bra now since there's less bazooms too. Well, not less — I still have two, just less of each.

So, about the job …Do you know how they say, "Be careful what you wish for?" Hah.

Yes, I have the job and I am absolutely thrilled, BUT … the woman who I first was filling in for while she was on maternity leave until she came back mid-December, well … she resigned this past Monday to be a SAHM. What that means is that I am going to be SUPER BUSY. Adding my job in addition to hers was approved so I would've been hired either way but until the new position is filled, I will be doing it all. Which I did from September to December, when I knew a lot less about the firm and its procedures, so I know I can handle it. But I also know from that time and to present that I'm going to be so busy the hours will just fly by. But that's OK. I really do love this job and being busy. I'm a dork, but on the drive in every morning this week, I said out loud, “I LOVE MY JOB” over and over. If cars next to me had been looking, they would've thought I had lost it.

What this also means is that a week from Monday, I get to leave my spot in the Finance department and return to the bigger, better spot in the Marketing department. I love that too! (No offense Finance types, but you were kind of driving me nuts. lol) I'm already re-decorating the area in my mind, and I can't wait to have that view back again.

Tomorrow is birthday cake day and I may even treat myself as a little celebration. We're also having a firm-wide video presentation by a Tuskeegee Airman in honor of Black History Month, with lunch catered. I'm really looking forward to the webinar because I think it's going to be fascinating. This firm is involved in a lot of diversity projects year-round, not just during February (and has won numerous national awards), and one of my upcoming projects is the annual diversity report. Another project I'm looking forward to, and it will be even more meaningful to me because I'll get to share my thoughts on tomorrow's presentation.

But the big thing on my plate right now is getting all the zillions of projects done for our annual invitation-only In-House Counsel Forum. Everything from a glossy 8-page program to foam core signs to name cards to gift bags to 100+ page "lookbooks" with bios for each attendee (about 80) and much, much more. My predecessor's last day is one week before this event, so it's pretty much all falling on my shoulders. I already know I'm working this weekend and next (putting sewing on hold), and I may even be going to the event, which is in Orlando. Exciting times ahead. Have I said how much I LOVE MY JOB!!!

I still can't believe how lucky I've been to land in the perfect job at the perfect time. Yes, it took some patience hanging in there, but it was so worth the wait.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of the congrats, good wishes, and nice comments. Your support has been so wonderful these last months.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Four Words

I got the job.

(Details later when I'm back home.)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Production Sewing

Yesterday was a bust sewing-wise, but I made up for it today with FOUR completed garments. I set out with new basics on my list and then maybe altering some too-big items. I did well in the basics department, but didn't even blow the dust off the to-do pile on the ironing board.

First up, my new TNT Ottobre tee. Since I still have too-big former TNTs from this pattern hanging in my closet, it was easy enough to try one on and pinch the sides to judge how much smaller it needed to be. I didn't feel right about just chopping up the original tracing since so many of my knit top patterns were based on it and I want to keep it as a reference. So I pulled out the pattern sheets, traced a new copy, sewed it up, and hoped for the best. And it worked.

It's a boring ivory Powerdry knit but I will wear the heck out of this, like with these pieces which have been waiting for it.

Next, McCall's 6078. This pattern comes in 2 size ranges XS-S-M and L-XL. When I first bought it, I spaced out and bought the smaller range. And then I used my bigger TNT Ottobre tee pattern to try to morph it. The result was OK but never great. Now, it's just plain too big and that one is in the donate pile. Today, I cut the M and sewed it as-is except that I morphed my "new" TNT sleeves onto the sleeveless version so I could have sleeves that I knew fit and sewed in without easing.

I made one in brown, to complete this outfit which I'm wearing tomorrow.

And I made one in white. This is unhemmed because the fabric has been in my stash so long it needed to be laundered again, and instead of pressing in the dust permanently, I will hem it after it's washed. It looks horrible here on Zillie, but it fits me perfectly and drapes much nicer.

I was making the white shell to wear with the wine plaid Magic Pencil. That's still a go, but then I got a wild hair and tried to force perfectly-matching french terry to become office wear. Yeah, not happening.

To be fair, it actually looks OK on me and will be good with jeans, but it's too warm and somewhat too bulky to wear in the office. So I'm back on the hunt for SOMETHING to go with this skirt so I can wear the darn thing. I have a few more stash possibilities so I haven't given up yet. And if I procrastinate long enough, it will be warm enough that just a short-sleeve top and a nice belt will be fine.

I made a big dent in the basics, but the ironing board pile — well, you can see for yourself. Plus the items hanging on the door, which are just too darn big now but it kills me to get rid of them. Especially the green outfit which hasn't even been worn.

* * * * *

I went to see The Grey last night. It was OK, but totally unrealistic in many respects so that disappointed me. But it's never a bad night if you can watch Liam Neeson for 2 hours. ;-)

On the drive back, I was saddened to hear about Whitney Houston's passing. RIP Whitney. Your great talent will be remembered always, but your candle burned out much too early.

Saturday, February 11, 2012


This is Butterick 4132, meant for woven fabrics cut on the bias. I tried it with a knit and while it's sorta OK, it's not OK enough for what I want to wear it with. The neckline isn't drapey enough and is kind of sticking out. I'll hem it and maybe even sew lingerie guards into the too-wide neckline and then move on. It technically fits and maybe it will be useful for another combination.

So now I'm going to use my TNT gathered front Ottobre tee (except it's not really TNT anymore so I need to adjust the pattern smaller first) and try again from the same fabric. But today's sewing will soon come to an end because I'm going out for dinner and a movie. And since it's almost 3 and I haven't been through the shower yet, I need to get a move on!

Friday, February 10, 2012


Whew! Another busy week under my belt. But since I love being busy at work, it's all good.

I did NOT go on the interview on Tuesday. All of the circumstances just weren't working out and I really just needed to cancel. Maybe it will be rescheduled. Maybe I won't need it to be. ;-) But at the moment, I'm not regretting it and I'm OK with the decision. The "big boss" actually jumped up and down with joy when I told her, so I'm taking that as a good sign.

This weekend will be filled with sewing for ME! All of my sewing last weekend was to finish up a cammie purse, which I did, and now I don't have that to make me feel guilty. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be doing anything too exciting as I really need to spend some time altering some items I'm not yet ready to part with and I also need a couple of basics, like a brown shell and an ivory shell. I miss those non-existent shells almost every morning. And I haven't been able to find anything suitable in RTW, even though I've been looking online almost every day. I guess that's a sign I need to just buckle down and make them. I know I have brown knits to use, but I'm not sure about the ivory. Maybe the stash will produce a welcome surprise.

This landed in my inbox this morning before I left for work. I'm not sure exactly what's up with Kwik Sew joining the McCall's family and how it bodes for the future of KS, but right now I'm THRILLED that I can order them at a discount with my BMV orders and even happier that the first Pattern of the Day was the exact one I was wanting. I just wish it was here NOW.

I just finished ordering it, and a few more KS and Buttericks fell into the cart too. Ahem. I really need to stop with the pattern orders because I'm certainly not sewing as fast as I'm buying. But on the other hand, it's relatively cheap entertainment and "research."

I also need to stop with the online ordering in general as I've now got things coming to me from Zappos (shoes and bags), Jessica London (shoes that are 100% Carolyn's fault!), and JCPenney (wardrobe basics that were too cheap to turn down). I ordered two "nice" totes from Zappos, only one of which I'll keep, but I wanted to see them both. I've been holding off buying a nice tote because I didn't want to jinx my job (I'm silly sometimes), but I finally reached the breaking point with my floppy black canvas tote and I wanted something more in keeping with being a working woman and not a football mom so I just went for it — jinx be damned.

Parting Shot: LCpl Cook is back from his training exercises at sea. There's been a lot of coverage of Operation Bold Alligator from the local papers (my mom is local so she's also been reporting). This was the biggest amphibious cross-service training exercise in more than 10 years. On board with Tyler, besides the U.S. Navy running the ship, were Canadian and Royal Marines. That's all good but I'm just glad to be able to talk to my son again, and it makes me dread when he's deployed on the ship for 6 months. Communication is going to suck. This picture is now the background for my work computer so I get to see him every day. I love the sunset and the silhouette.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Weekend Plans

Sorry, this will be a picture-less and quite wordy post.

Today, I'll be sewing — but not for me. I have to finish another cammie bag that is due to mail on Monday, plus I have one more waiting beyond that. I have mixed feelings about the bags. The extra money is great and I do like making them. I just don't like having orders hanging over my head, especially on those days when I'd rather be sewing for ME. lol But I'm OK with not sewing for me this weekend since I was so productive last weekend and, besides, my closet is kind of bulging with work clothes right now, even though I have a BIG stack of patterns I want to try. (What I really need to sew is some weekend wear.)

It was another good (and busy!) week at work and I still love my job! I can't believe how much I look forward to getting up early and going to work each day. And it's not just because life at home is pretty much crap, although I do admit that's probably part of it. But I just really like what I'm doing, who I work with, and this work environment and I can't wait to get back to it each morning. The days just fly by.

I was honest with my immediate boss and the "big boss" and told them I needed to come in late on Tuesday because of an interview. I just felt honesty was the best policy, especially since there's always the possibility that the agency would tell them anyway. But I assured them that I'm still quite willing to be patient for things to work out where I am, and that it's my definite preference and desire to stay put, but with the current economy and my present position up in the air, I couldn't afford to turn down an interview. And I told them that I definitely wasn't trying to push things, only being honest about where I was going to be since I didn't want them to find out another way. I know they understood and were not just giving me lip service. ;-) That's one of the things I like about where I am - no one plays games, which is rare in a corporate environment. And my philosophy in general is "what will be will be," so however things work out is how they're meant to.

The big boss took our Marketing department out to lunch at the Hyatt yesterday to thank us for the job well done with the new website launch and for us all to have some "down time" with each other. She handed out "Super Certificates" to each person and mine was for being a Graphics Genius. Which I am, of course. lol It was a fun lunch. But yesterday was horrible for my eating. The lunch, and then a Happy Hour at 5 PM. Oh well, one day off the wagon won't kill me, and I *needed* a little Happy Hour. ;-)

Sort of related, my work area is currently in the Finance department away from Marketing (where I'm really assigned) due to space constraints. At first, I missed being actually IN my department like I was before the woman on maternity leave returned but now I'm used to it and actually like it. I still interact quite frequently with my Marketing coworkers but when I'm busy (like always!), no one is looking over my shoulder or interrupting me and I can be really productive. So I'm independent and connected at the same time. Kind of the best of both worlds. And, really, I would sit in the closet if I had to to keep this job. ;-)

Anyway, what this is leading up to is that the Finance people, who are an entirely different breed than the Marketing people, lol, have now decided they actually like having a Marketing person with graphics skills nearby and they've been asking me for little projects here and there to brighten up their financial reports with the new logo and colors. It's been so cute … "Debbie, do you think you could …" and of course I can. I am a Graphics Genius. :snort:

I relayed this to the "big boss" and she lit up with a smile and I could see the gears turning. She told me to send her an email about it on Monday along with any other "side projects" so she could add it to her "ammunition" for creating a permanent position for me. So, making that list is another one of my projects this weekend. I've already thought of a few things for the ammunition list that were probably overlooked because of how busy and "nose-down" we've been with the launch. We walked out to the parking garage together after Happy Hour and she told me again to remember to email her on Monday.

The annual shareholders meeting is next week and we're really busy getting materials together for that. But once that's over and things have calmed down a little, it's the big boss' plan to then go to bat for me. So it shouldn't be too much longer now.

And tomorrow, I'll distract myself with one last weekend of football. Yay Super Bowl, but boo to no more football for a long time.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It Can't Be February

Wow, February already. I was so busy in January that I hardly noticed it was here. It was 80 degrees today, so summer is on the way. I'm not ready for warm weather yet. But at least it will give me something new to sew for since I'm getting a bit overloaded on winter(ish) clothes. I also need to make or buy some weekend tops because I have extremely slim (hah!) pickin's in that area.

I don't have much new today so here's another What I Wore photo. I made this cardigan a couple of months ago and Alex "modeled" it for the blog, but I don't think I ever got a decent shot of me in it, but that's probably because I've not worn it until today. The dress is one of my Walmart $18.98 bargains and have I ever gotten my money's worth and then some from it. Dani was waiting for a treat.

As I was dressing this morning, I thought about belting the cardi but didn't pursue it any further because I was lazy. I'm glad I didn't. It looks so-so, but it feels horrible. Too bulky. I know belted cardigans are the look, but not for me, thank you.

Lest you think it's All Glamour All The Time around here (cough:cough), here's what I'm wearing right now. Old Spongebob PJ pants and an even older football tee shirt. Chili's turn to stare me down.

The pants are just a little too big, don't you think?

I have an interview for another job scheduled for Tuesday morning, so now I've got to decide what to wear to that. I want the job I have and I'm reasonably certain I'm going to get it, but it doesn't hurt to increase my options. I don't have any suits or even any jackets that fit for mix/match but I'm sure I can put together something appropriate even sans jacket. No sooner than I found out about the interview day/time then I was handed a ton of stuff for a new project for next week, so I'm already thinking I need to see if I can reschedule that interview for later next week when I have more of the project behind me. I'll think on it.

Parting Shot: Tyler's home for the next few weeks. It's a LOT bigger than it looks in this pic.