Thursday, July 23, 2015

New House New Dog

We made it! Still lots to unpack but we're here and I couldn't be happier. The new house is 100+ years old but brand new on the inside and very bright and cheerful. I've already met 3 neighbors and really like the feel of our new block. My commute to work is about 6 minutes so no complaints there either.

In other news, we're now a 3-dog family again. Alex convinced me to adopt a stray Chiweenie one of his friends took in. Charlie is his name and he's quite the cutie.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Missing In Action

I'm still alive but haven't sewn anything but wadders in months and thus the blog has languished. And now my sewing machines, fabric, and entire sewing room are boxed up because I'm moving house next Saturday.

I wish I didn't have to move but my current house is disgusting and my landlord is a pig. And that's being generous. Being in such a depressing environment has definitely zapped the sewjo.

But the home situation will soon be looking up. I've spent a lot of time searching for a nicer place in the same general area close to downtown Tampa and I finally found one a few weeks ago. It's a lot smaller and I won't have a dedicated sewing room right away but until Alex moves out on his own, I'll take over one of the formal rooms and we'll make it work. (It's not like we're hosting formal dinners these days.)

I'm also looking forward to lower rent for a nicer place and a cute back yard for the pups. By now I'm used to walking them at 6 am before work but it will be nice not to have to on rainy mornings.
The rest of my life is good. The job is still going well. I really enjoy my workgroup. My best friend moved back to the area a few months ago and I love having her nearby again. I can't wait to have her over to my new place.

And I can't wait to be sewing again because you know just as soon as you pack up the stash, the urge to serge (hah!) comes roaring back.

See you at some point on the flip side, and sooner on Instagram.

(Posted by phone so please ignore any formatting issues.)