Tuesday, March 22, 2016

This and That

Yeah, it's been a minute since my last post. Er, no excuse. Just no blogging mojo. Right up there with the mostly missing sewjo. But there has a been a little teeny tiny bit of sewing so I'll document it for posterity. Nothing exciting, but at least I've finished some things. Which lately is a major accomplishment. :-)

First up, but the last things made, are a Hot Patterns Sunshine Top (the original) and a circle-ish Simplicity skirt. I haven't worn the two together yet, but I have worn the top. It's so nice to have a new Sunshine in my wardrobe. For this one, I went down to the size 14 for the neckband and shoulders, which is perfect. I had sewn it before with a 16 neck/shoulders and it fit, but flashing a bra strap was likely without deploying some strategically placed Hollywood tape. Now, no more worries for that. I think this top took me 5 weeks to sew. Not literally all sewing time, but for some reason I just couldn't force myself to sew even though I knew I wanted this top DONE and it took about that long in 10-minute spurts. Ahhh. That sewjo is a mysterious beast, no? I'm hoping it returns with a vengeance soon because there are things I want NEED in my wardrobe.

Stripe matching like a boss at the sideseams. Just don't look at my completely mismatched sleeves. I totally spaced on those and then was too lazy to fix it. It's really not a problem, so while I'm pointing it out here, I've already forgotten about it in real life.

Here's the famous and flattering neckline. And finally a clear photo. I have no idea why my camera didn't like the full-length shots but if I had to re-do them again, this blog post was never going to happen.

Here's a crappy (sense a theme?) mirror shot of the finished SBCC Mimosa top, which is what I was sewing last time I blogged. I did actually finish it fairly soon after and I've worn it a TON. I really, really needed a white blouse for work. It's a great layering piece and the front tie makes it a little less boring white shell and more pretty white blouse.

Less blown-out photo, easier to see details. One of these days I'm going to remember to cut the ties different lengths so they finish at the same length when tied.

I also got a wild hair and sewed two doggie hoodies. It's a Kwik Sew something ... too lazy to go look.

Now Alex and Charlie semi-match. Actually, the wild hair was Alex egging me on to do it.

Dani didn't get one. She doesn't get cold easily and would probably freak out if we tried to put her legs through the sleeves. She's got quirks.

Alex putting the final touches on his investment house. It rented in a week and the tenants have been in it for almost a month now. Go Alex!

And lastly, for no good reason, here's a pic of one of the two new palm trees in my yard. Summer is coming.

Hopefully, I'll be back here soon. I've got a new project on the cutting table.