Monday, January 1, 2001

Coverstitch: All The Stuff

The Basics

General Hints & Tips (and links to resources on other blogs and websites)

Comparison Chart

Coverstitch Project Examples

How To End a Coverstitch

The Difference Between A & B Style Binders

Binder Set-Up Info

Adjusting a Binder

Beltlooper Set-Up & Usage

Feller Set-Up & Use

"Lazy" Hem

"Serging Bound Neckline


  1. Debbie, I have been driving myself crazy trying to use elastic thread on the lower looper of my Janome CP1000 to create a mock smocked look sundress like the ones you find already smocked at the fabric store. I just can't seem to keep the machine going consistently enough to get the entire top elasticized. Have you tried this? Do you have any tips?

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this information about coverstitching. Any time I have a question I refer back to you and this helps immensely. Much appreciated.

  3. Ann, No, I haven't tried this with my CS machine. I usually use the sewing machine and using a cording foot, zigzag over the elastic with a tiny ZZ stitch.

  4. You're welcome Marie! Thanks for the comment. :-)

  5. I just want to say thank you so much for all the work you put into your tutorials. You literally taught me how to use my coverstitch. This is definitely appreciated!

  6. Thank's so much for the wealth of information that you have provided to everyone. it's so useful. Have you ever done a reverse coverstitch and if so how have you done it?

  7. Thanks for your post I love doing stitching It help me a lot.

  8. Woo hoo!!!! Thank you, Debbie! Guess what I just got???

  9. Have you ever tried the Brother 2340? Sew4fun loves hers but I generally have had bad luck with Brother products but the price difference between it and the BLCS is pretty hefty. I would like to buy it but I would rather invest the money in the BLCS because I am thinking long term.

  10. Karen, No, I haven't ever tried the Brother 2340. When I was shopping for machines, the Brother was $799. My Babylock was a floor model and the dealer sold it to me for $800. If he hadn't matched the price, I probably would've bought the Brother due to Belinda loving hers. I do like that the Brother takes all types of regular sewing machine needles; the Babylock uses only CS-specific needles.

  11. I have decided that I really need a coverstitch machine, not a serger/combo but a dedicated coverstitch. I read your review about the Babylock but none of the shops in my area carry them in stock. My local store will order it for $1299. Do you still love your Babylock? Do you know if there are any major changes since you wrote the review? Thank you for all the information that you share!

  12. Thanks to your tutorials I've learned a lot. I have Bernina 009dc CS, and a lot of problems with it.
    I dont knew whre I'm doing wrong, but there's always a few good stiches , and then thread breaks, it is so machine is new, also needles. I'll try to put nets on threads as you reccomend.
    I hope I'll finaly be able to love this machine with a little of your help :) (right now it makes me angry)
    Sorry for my english, it's not my native language :)

  13. I am so grateful for your fabulous information! I've been reading and soaking it all up, and you can bet I will return. I have literally had only one hour to play with my new machine, with just the basic manual, and I am already learning so much more from reading this. Can't wait to get back to putting it into practice. Your coverstitched examples are amazing btw, so clever and so many different applications.

  14. BTW, your site is so helpful. I got here by way of a definition for Bengaline, from a website for fabric mentioned on Pattern Review. I was wondering what Bengaline was that this site was selling:


  15. AnonymousMarch 7, 2015 at 12:48 PM

    I am interested in buying a Janome coverstitch 1000 CPX and have been told by Janome dealers in Spokane, WA that the machines sold on line are priced less because they are substandard in comparison to those sold by dealers in stores. I have heard people talk about the new machine having Lavender knobs and the machines is see on line have dark navy looking knobs on the right side. Does this indicate any difference in the machines? Does anyone have any experience that would make them think there is any truth to this claim?

    1. No difference! Geez why do dealers have to talk such trash and use scare tactics?!!

  16. My husband just bought me a brand new, sparkling Janome 1000CPX (squuuuuueeeeeeeeeee!!!!!) so I'll be reading all your great stuff over the weekend! Thanks in advance for posting all this great stuff!!!!

  17. Hi, I'm trying to cover stitch elastic waist bands in leggings using the cover pro 1000 cpx. It keeps dropping stitches! Any advice???


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