Monday, February 11, 2013

Ready for Takeoff!

This top is a lot more flattering in person and in motion. It has movement which doesn't show in still pics. I like it and it's comfortable, and I received at least 10 unsolicitations/compliments on it today. So it's a hit with the coworkers too. I definitely feel a 2-piece dress coming on at some point soonish. I can't tell you how many times I lifted my arms today like in the first pic ... just feeling goofy with the bat wings. LOL

I changed my mind about the brown skirt and pulled out the black instead. No real reason, except I was feeling the black more this morning.

Carolyn asked what happened to my sewcation. It's been put on hold until after the first week in March due to work obligations but it's coming. I just need to pick my dates. Maybe my birthday week? I think I need to schedule a haircut during that time too cuz I'm looking very shaggy. Yikes.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

SIHPC Make #1 (HP1142)

The first make of my Self-Imposed Hot Patterns Challenge is done! Granted, it was the easiest out of the bunch, but I was just happy to get back into the sewing room. Work has been very busy, and I've gone into the office the last two Saturdays. And since last Sunday was the Superbowl, today was my first real opportunity for undivided stitching time.

This top is VERY batwing and VERY '80s, but I think I like it. I used to wear similar tops IN the '80s which means I'm OLD, but it will be fun to be on trend even if for a second time. I'm planning to wear it with a solid brown skirt tomorrow, but it will go with a black skirt (or pants) too. Actually, it will go with many solid colors. 

As for the pattern -- it's pretty straightforward but it runs HUGE, so be forewarned. I was, since I read the reviews on Pattern Review, and I'll be sure to add my own review when I have a minute and a photo of me in it since those reviews definitely saved this trial version for me. I'm not sure what my current HP size is but I think I would've started with a 14 at neck and sized out to a 16 for hip. For this top, I traced and cut a straight 12. And it fits fine, including the hip/waist band, although it's still too wide in the neck so next time I will add to the shoulder at the neck edge to keep the bra straps covered. For this one, I'll be sewing in lingerie guards tonight while keeping an eye on Downton Abbey.

For this "muslin," I made a couple of small changes from the pattern instructions mostly as personal preference. First, I eliminated the center back seam and cut on the fold. There was absolutely no reason for a seam here, except to use the neckband method per the pattern -- which I also eliminated because I'd rather have a neckband sewn in the round than try to match/finish a CB neckband seam sewn as the back bodice seam. I coverstitched the binding seam allowance flat as you can mostly see in this blurry photo below.

I also eliminated the sleevebands since (1) the sleeves were going to be too long and (2) the size 12 sleevebands were going to have to be stretched beyond belief to fit the size 12 sleeve opening. If you DO decide to use bands to finish the sleeves, cut them a size or two up and/or pre-gather the sleeve opening before attaching to the band. Or, take the lazy way out like I did and just turn the edge under and coverstitch/stitch to create a casing for narrow elastic. Since the full sleeves blouse over the edge finish when worn, no one will see what method you choose anyway. ;-)

Here's the top lifted from falling over the hip/waist band to give an idea of how wide it is. I coverstitched here too.

I like this top, especially since I was fearing another sack could've easily resulted. I don't know if I could've stood another wadder. LOL It's a fast sew, which is also a plus for me right now.

I think it would make half of a fantastic 2-piece dress, with the Magic Pencil being the bottom half. I used to rock me some dropped waist dresses in the '80s (with the requisite linebacker shoulder pads!) and maybe I can again (sans the pads).