Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Yet Another Drive By

Life is a bit busy right now and I haven't been sewing (and my wardrobe is getting sad, sad, sad). Plus this week I have a chest cold coming on so all I want to do is sleep. Pffft that work and life gets in the way of naps. ;-) But at least I can still watch the Olympics every night. Is anyone else addicted to them? I think it's a holdover from my little-girl-ness, when watching the Olympics and wanting to be Peggy Fleming or Dorothy Hammil or Kathy Rigby or Olga Korbut was every girl's dream. (Please forgive any misspellings on names ... the Dayquil has taken over!)

But I just wanted to dash in and say all is well. I'm here. And the missing Mr. Mojo will be getting a kick in the keister soon because ... OMG ... I won BeaJay's Plus Size Pattern Pyramid!! Thank you SO MUCH Beverley. I will now be checking the mailbox every day for the next few weeks. OK, maybe not tonight because that would have to be a pattern MIRACLE, but starting next week. I'll let you all know when they land and soon after I'll be hosting the next PSPP here, open worldwide.

Stay tuned ...