Thursday, October 22, 2015

Is this thing on?

I'm still here. I still haven't sewn a thing. Unless you count repair work on Mr. T-Rex. While this little video was all over the internet recently, the actual costume was balled up in my sewing "nook" (not quite a room yet) needing an armpit and shoulder re-sewn. It seems those little T-Rex arms truly are not meant for Ninja-ing. But they're good for at least one more stint now.

For long-time readers, the human behind the T-Rex Ninja is the same young man (Tyler's friend Reko) for whom I made the Renaissance Faire costume a few years ago. If you watch American Ninja Warrior, he's also the fire-breathing, mohawked, caped Ninja seen here:

In quasi-sewing news, I'm nearing the end of the moving-in/unpacking phase (OMG finally!) and this is now on its way to me. Sewing will commence soon-ish. And regular blogging at some point after that. I'm really Jonesin' and I really, REALLY need new clothes!!

I'm loving my new place, and the pain and sheer crappiness of yet another move this past July is finally starting to fade in the rear view. But it was totally worth it. The new house is so bright and cheerful and my whole mood has been brighter and more cheerful to match. I totally get how a doomy/gloomy environment can wreak havoc with one's mental health.

Anyway, I just wanted to stop and say hey. Hey!