Saturday, April 26, 2014

Boxed In But Alive

The bad news? This is what every room looks like right now. Guess which one this is?

The good news? This is the view out my front door ... the river is one block away.

The move was horrible. It took three days because two of Alex's "friends" backed out (long story, but suffice it to say neither Alex nor I want to see those creeps ever again). Thankfully, Tyler came down to help and one of Alex's real friends (we've known him since they were both 4 years old) busted his rear end for us. Plus, the truck broke down on the last trip while we were all in separate locations and we didn't have A/C here at the "new" place until this past Thursday. Luckily the temps had dropped after our second day here and we didn't really need A/C until this weekend.

But the real kicker? I found out the Friday before our move (2 weeks ago) that I didn't have a job to come back to. Yep, unemployed again. I'm not heartbroken. I don't want to go into detail online but nothing ever made sense there and this is no big shock either. Whatever. I've made up my mind to be more zen about the whole no-job thing this time around and believe that everything happens for a reason. I need this time off anyway to unpack. ;-)

I did end up in the house I showed last post. Alex and I both really like the location. The house has warts, but we'll get used to them and/or get them fixed eventually. I can't really bombard my landlord all at once or I may end up on the street and I can't afford any more major life changes at the moment. ;-)

The neighborhood is a mix of old bungalows, many of them renovated beautifully, multi-million dollar mansions on the water a block away, and everything in between.Once I'm employed again, I'm going to have fun exploring the area. There's a lot to see and do.