Tuesday, May 1, 2001

Review: Viking Spanish Hem Foot & Plate

Price: US$35

What is this notion used for? This is a presser foot and plate used for bridge stitching (faggoting). The plate attaches to the machine and keeps the two edges of the fabric spaced and feeding evenly under the needle. My Designer 1 has specialty stitches especially for this type of decorative sewing.

Did you get your money's worth after the purchase? Well, technically not yet, because it's a pricey foot, but that doesn't stop me from buying every foot Viking puts out. ;-)

Is this notion easily available? Yes, from your Viking dealer.

Would you recommend it to others? Yes. Using this foot is a big help when doing this type of decorative stitching.

Below are photos of a pillow I made using the foot/plate. The bridging is along the top and bottom edges.

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