Wednesday, July 19, 2006

First Fitting

I haven't progressed much more since my last entry. Life exploded. But I did take a couple of pics over the weekend after my first try-on with the sideseams sewn. So far, mostly so good. I think it wouldn't hurt to lower the empire seam about 1/2" but I'm still debating on that. If I put an empire seam at my true underbust, it makes the girls really prominent -- more than usual even. If I "fudge" the seam, it helps to minimize the bust. But there's a fine point between fudging and fitting. I think I'm there, but I'm not sure.

The back is also looking pretty good. I haven't yet sewn the waist darts because I prefer to fit them to me and not just where the pattern indicates.

I'm also still deciding whether I will finish this completely to make it wearable or keep it as a tester. I think that will depend on how the collar turns out. ;)


  1. Looking good. FWIW, I wouldn't lower the empire seam. Instead I'd move it sideways (reshape it), ever so slightly, so it comes more towards the centre front.

  2. Hey, I didn't know you had a blog, or read mine! I'm gonna add your site to my feeds! I was always a fan of your projects on patternreview. I'm still trying to get into the swing of things with sewing. I need a mentor!

  3. Ooh, it's looking good! Great fit so far! i too love that you're blogging and miss you on PR (although I know you're still around a little...)

  4. I found your blog! I'm going to blogrollyou!

    The shirt is cute! I just love the empire waist look (I've not done it successfully, yet--it IS tricky when the girls are of a certain size.....)

  5. I love the Burda pattern you're using. It's been fun watching your progress.
    Ruth (from NMSL)

  6. Looks good! I'll have to check out that pattern, maybe next summer.


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