Sunday, July 23, 2006

PSD ... no, PSA

Because I have too many other things on the endless To-Do list, I couldn't decree the whole day as a PSD (Personal Sewing Day), but starting now ... I'm decreeing a PSA (Personal Sewing Afternoon). Hopefully, I'll finish my Burda muslin and have something to report. I did work on the collar a bit last night (or this morning, depending on how you view post-midnight timeframes). I will go ahead and finish this blouse to make it wearable because the 100% cotton is comfortable, but it will be a house-blouse only. Something to wear when I don't want to get the "good ones" dirty.

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  1. Sometimes those PSAs even turn into PSMs (minutes), don't they? I figured you must be really busy lately, so hope you get some needed sewing time to finish your blouse. Every PSM counts! :)


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