Friday, July 14, 2006


I've been sort of in a sewing and computer slump and the days have been whizzing by filled with errands and other not-fun stuff, so the blog has been on the back burner. From other blogs I read, Slump Fever seems to be going around. In my case, I think it's a bit of slump mixed in with decision overload, or analysis paralysis as my friend and I have dubbed it. I've got a lot of sewing projects I want to work on but I'm having trouble deciding what to start on and which fabric to sacrifice ... er ... use.

Plus, a pair of striped capris left in a state of almost-done had me stalled too. I wasn't loving them and so I left them in a heap on the cutting table unfinished. But then I couldn't make myself start anything with them mocking me every time I went near. Finishing them meant a fair bit of ripping out and well, blech.

In the meantime, my sister called to remind me of her upcoming birthday but mostly to drop not-so-subtle hints that she really wanted me to make her a couple of new scrub tops. Since these are easy and fast, I decided to grant her wish ... thinking that sewing *something* would ease me out of the paralysis. I always have fun putting together fabrics for her scrubs and I even had fabrics earmarked for scrubs prewashed and ready to go.

Well, those capris were still staring me down so I plopped myself in front of the TV, seam ripper in hand, unstitched where needed and then put them out of my misery and finished them. I still don't love them but at least they are done and off the table, which left me now both mentally and physically free to start the scrubs.

But then I started overthinking again. I have a much TNT (tried-n-true) scrubs pattern I've used many times for my sister. Four easy pieces, dolman sleeves, a fast sew. But could I be happy with that?? Nooooooooo! I decided my sister needed a new style scrub with set-in sleeves and an FBA'd front bust dart. So, it took me a day longer than I had first thought, but Monday's mail had one TNT and one untested scrub on their way to my sister in Richmond. She should've received them yesterday so I'll call her tomorrow to see how the new pattern and my "educated guess" alterations worked out.


  1. Debbie - I so hear you. Mocking projects!!! I love the top with the set-in sleeve. Seems all the newer scrubs have set in sleeves, plus I've seen some really cute ones with a cross-over front. Have fun - gaylen

  2. Ok, I'll try again. Somehow I left my message under the wrong post. Computers!
    Debbie, I loved your this morning. I felt like it could have been me writing. :)

  3. Those are beautiful! Can you tell me how you did the contrasting pockets and sleeve hems? I want to try some for myself.



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