Saturday, July 15, 2006

Thinking Out Loud

Earlier I was taking out some clean laundry from the dryer. One of the items was a pair of light green linen capris I made last summer. I "rediscovered" them a few weeks ago. (For any readers who may not know, we're in the midst of remodeling a 3-years ours Money Pit and actually moved into it last November, so most of our stuff is still packed in boxes and every so often I unpack another and find treasures.) Until I found them again, I had forgotten how much I like wearing these capris and so they've now moved to my "wear-first" list especially since they perfectly match a new favorite blouse made for this summer. I really have plenty of clothes to make it through between laundry cycles but I find not all of them actually make it into the weekly laundry which means I'm not reaching for them first, which in turn made me start thinking ...

One of the reasons I sew is for fit. I really prefer my sewn clothing because it just plain fits me better than most things I can buy. But I think I'm starting to move beyond just the fit criterion now as my pondering in front of the dryer today keeps running through my head.

I think I'm now on the quest for *all* of my clothing to be on the wear-first list. The Holy Grail of perfect marriage of pattern, style and fabric that moves something from the merely-like list to the wear-first list. And I think this is contributing to my analysis paralysis! I don't know if this is a blessing or a curse ...

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