Monday, July 31, 2006

This is the blouse that would not end ...

... it just goes on and on, my friend.

OK, now that you've got that song in your brain for the rest of the day. ;-)

As of last night, I had everything done except to sew the bottom hem and do the buttons/holes.

Then I tried it on again and something just wasn't right. So I walked away. Went to bed and slept even. Got up this morning, put it on again and still, it wasn't right.

I flipped open the magazine to look at the pattern photo and try to figure out what IT was (or wasn't). What exactly did I like about this particular pattern? What style elements called to me? The empire seaming, yes. The fringe ... not so much, but I went ahead and added it to mine too. Oh, wait — it's the DARTS! The darts in the photo are at an interesting angle to the empire seam. I really like that. But, when I looked at my final blouse, they're almost straight up and down. Then I tried on the muslin and there's that cool angle again. Which means that somewhere between muslin and alterations, I lost the dart angle. Rats, and double rats because ...

Of course the darts have already been sewn, pressed, and topstitched, and the empire seam has been sewn, pressed, overlocked, and topstitched. Of course.

So, here's what the darts looked like this morning.

And here's what they look like now.

Time to make dinner for the menfolk. I *will* finish this $#@&! blouse tonight. Or die trying.

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  1. Good girl!! I liked it straight, but the angled dart looks even better. What *is* it about men and meals?


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